NISA TRAVELLERS HOTEL – A Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Tagbilaran, Bohol

As much as I want to mourn, I know he doesn't want me to be burdened by his loss. I remember him saying, "after all these, we all shall move on", so here I am taking a step forward.

Whenever we travel, especially if it’s more than 5 days and our itinerary is tight, we pay the least attention to our accommodation. An ordinary fan room doesn’t matter as long as there’s a clean toilet to do my thing. And, the idea of not staying inside the room most of the time makes us think twice in spending more than a thousand per night in a room, unless we don’t have any choice. We brought with us that same thinking that’s why we researched for a budget-friendly accommodation months before we went to Bohol.

Since we wanted to stay somewhere that charges only around 500-1000 a night, 3 hotels and pensions houses made into our list. I sent an email inquiring about the availability of rooms on the date of our stay but to no avail. None of them responded until the day of our trip. We were willing to set up a tent in the middle of nowhere when we agreed to just try our luck when we are already there.

When we arrived in Tagbilaran, we rode a tricycle going to Nisa Travellers Hotelwhich is the nearest inn to the airport. Luckily we were able to book a standard fan room for two for only 600 per night.

Given the price, we didn’t expect something grand. It is just a  standard fan room, with 2 single beds and a fan, of course. If you’re just after a good night sleep at a low price, that would be enough. There is no toilet inside the room which is, again, okay for us because the shared toilet is very clean. Oh wait, I wasn’t able to say that that 600-peso room also has a breakfast for two. Also, if you always need to be online, there's WiFi for everyone.

Honestly, we weren't expecting anything more than what we paid for. But we were proved wrong by Nisa Travellers' Hotel. The price they charge per room per night of stay is very inexpensive given that aside from what they publish, they give utmost personalized service. I can't say anything bad with this place. It has exceeded our expectations.

Do I recommend Nisa Travellers' Hotel? 
YES! Nisa Travellers Hotel is a great place if you are looking for a cheap place to stay in Tagbilaran, Bohol. The place is clean and the staff are very friendly and accommodating (they answered ALL my questions though I asked a lot)!

14 CP Garcia Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
(038) 411 3731

Stay tuned for a detailed post about the places we visited in Bohol! 

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