Starting the year with a BANG!

Not a good kind of bang, though. It has been a hurtful start of the year for me. Basically the reason why I can’t find the urge to write and be active in my online life. Honestly, I consider 2012 to be my year. Everything went on smoothly according to my plan. I achieved what I wanted and even those that I didn’t really imagine would happen happened. It was a good year from start to finish. I was hoping that 2013 would be the same until I went home from my much awaited vacation last December 31.

What happened was totally unexpected. I was on my way to facing that hurtful thing wholeheartedly before another bad news came onto my way days after. And just like that, I was in a double-whammy situation. I had no choice but to treat those unexpectedly bad things as grounds to my betterment. It was then I thought January would be tough.

But wait, it didn't end with two. There came more and more and more. As much as I want to blurt out all the pain in my heart, I won’t. Just because I can’t find the right words  to express how I truly feel.

And why am I doing this? Because I want to appeal into your good hearts to include me and my family in your prayers. We are on this terrible situation that we all hope will end the soonest time possible. I, personally, don’t wish for anything grand, just a healthy and happy life for me and family is want I wanted. Also, I want you to know how lucky you are to have had a good start of the year. I pray that the goodness of 2013 will continue until it bids its goodbye. We may not had the great start but I know God has a plan for all of us. I trust in Him with whole my heart and I believe that He will not let me and family be hurt for long.

If you see me anywhere, please give me a hug. I badly need one. 

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