FUN by Lush Cosmetics

Though I am a bit apprehensive in trying new products, especially if it something I would use on my skin, Lush Cosmetics is still on my must-try products list. I have heard and read great reviews about some of their products that make me more interested in discovering more of about them. I was about to ask my dad to get me some Lush products when the lucky bug bit me, I got an invite to witness the release of their newest baby, FUN.

FUN is a multipurpose product that can be used as hand soap, shampoo, body wash, laundry soap and clay. Yes, a modelling clay! It can be molded into shaped and figures! It is so fun to use, hence, it is named as so.

There are five different types of FUN -- Yellow (vanilla), Green (lemon and lime), Blue (lavender and chamomile), Red (orange and mandarin oils), and Pink (ice-cream). Everything works the same and differs only with their scents. FUN is so fun that it costs only Php 295.00 per 200g roll.

Lush customers were given a treat of trying FUN by using it as soaps. After washing our dead tired hands and feet, we were given a massage which, I tell you, revived the nerves in my muscles. Since I loved how lime smells, I chose FUN Green and to my surprise, the citrus-y scent was left on my arms for about 3 hours.

Tara of Chronicles of Vanity and Sophie of Beautynomics

FUN is made more fun by Lush by giving a part of the sale of each FUN bar to FunD which grants projects providing fun and recreational activities for children living in challenging environments. Cheers to a helpful purpose! 

Since I was already Lush store, I took advantage of taking pictures of the products I really want to try.

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soaps | hair products

What is your favorite Lush Cosmetics' product? :)

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