I Want To Be Part Of Sample Room's Bloggers Circle!

For someone who has been challenged financially (and emotionally, if I may say) due to sickness, hospitalization and continuous medication for the past 3 months, I have trashed the idea of impulsive shopping. Actually, even before, I am the kind who read reviews and ask around first before buying something I haven't personally tried. It may be tedious especially when you are totally lemming for something but for me, it is a genius move for I always get my money's worth.

If and only if all brands have free sample to give away for the consumers to try, my life would have been a lot easier. But that is not how it goes. Good thing, heaven sent Sample Room, an online community that banks on the power of free product sampling before one actually buys a full-sized product, to people like me!

I have bookmarked Sample Room's website and I make sure to check it once in a while to see samples up for grabs. But luck was not on my side for every time a product ticks my interest, it has the 'out of stock' sign. Samples seem to have been ordered minutes after being launched in the website. Truth: This thing has happened for about 6 times now. Call it bad luck, eh? And that is basically why I am joining Sample Room's Blogger Circle! I want to have the first dibs on the up and coming sample so I will no longer see the famous 'out of stock' sign. Also, samples will pave my way to exploring new brands and products to try.

You don't know how much I want to be part of Sample Room's Bloggers Circle. I need this to continue the pact of trying before buying!

Cheers for MakeUpLove for Sample Room!

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