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Remember this post where I wholeheartedly talked about inner beauty and health? The words in that post came out from the realizations I had when I attended the Fine Living Essentials' Hyaluron and Collagen Plus Bloggers' Launch last May 4, 2013 at Bread and Bean Cafe. The afternoon was filled with learning on what the collagen does for the body and why taking a Hyaluron and Collagen Plus is beneficial for health and beauty reasons.

Basically, Hyaluron and Collagen Plus is a beauty supplement that helps make your body healthier and more beautiful. It helps keep skin moist and firm, allowing it to look younger. It contains ingredients essential for beauty like Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) helps in water retention. A right amount of HA helps keep the skin moist and well-nourished. As a person ages, the amount of HA in the body decreases making the skin appear dry and dull.
Collagen is a major protein component in the human body. It helps in maintaining the strength and flexibility of skin, bones and muscles. Just like HA, the amount of collagen in our body decreases as we age. This results to skin's inevitable loss of firmness and radiance.

Photo taken from Fine Living Essentials' website
Little did I know that there is actually a supplement that can compensate the decrease in amount of those components in our body. Fortunately, I was introduced to this beauty supplement earlier than needed. 

Each bottle of Hyaluron and Collagen Plus is available at Fine Living Essentials for Php 450.00. It is recommended to be taken every day, preferable at night before going to bed. If you find it too expensive for every day usage like I do, we can settle with HyaCol in powder form which costs Php 110.00 per sachet. 

It is said to give amazing results days after first use. Better results will be achieved when used continuously. I am so excited to try it because Belle Tan of Fine Living Essentials swear by it and she looks more than amazing!

Ms. Imelda, Ms. Belle Tan (Can you say that she has kids? 5 boys!), and Ms. Maru (She is 49 years old!)
Honestly, I want to age beautifully. If I can, I will maintain the status of my body as long as I am living. I know we can't stop aging, but we can delay it. We should all start tapping and enhancing our inner beauty as early as now. If you have the budget, get yourself dosed with Hyaluron and Collagen Plus and start to be healthy and beautiful. Look at the women at the picture above. The numbers don't speak for their looks. But for me, who is under a strict budget constraint, I might settle for other vitamins and Hyacol powder.

The Hyaluron and Collagen Plus is available at Fine Living Essentials while the Hyaluron and Collagen (powder form) is available at Watsons. 

Marge of Kikay Trekkie, me and my macho body, Ms. Belle Tan, Char of Yellow Yum with baby Robyn, Kath of Stylestat and her twin
I swear to start enhancing my beauty inside and out. Do you? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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