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As much as I would like to grow my hair long, I couldn't. My crowning glory has been the sole victim of the side effects of all the medications I am taking. Truth be told, I was on the verge on getting my hair shaved. Yes, I preferred to go bald than see my hair losing its last few strands. I asked my doctor's opinion regarding the matter and he assured me that the hair loss won't last long. He even recommended to just have my hair cut short so the thinning won't be as noticeable. I asked him if I could have my hair colored, and he said yes with all means. So after my consultation, I went straight to Status Hair Salon and had my much-needed hair transformation.

When I arrived at Status Hair Salon - Katipunan, I was very decided on having my hair dyed blonde with a matching super short bob. Think of Victoria Beckham's blonde bob, that was my peg. But when Senior Hairstylists, Yani, analyzed the then status of my hair, he suggested to just go with a light brown base color with highlights because my hair would look thinner when dyed blonde. Though my heart breaks on not having my dream blonde hair, I went with his suggestion. After all, he is an expert in this field.

Before shot. Look how thin and damaged my hair was. :(
That what makes Status Hair Salon a standout, they give utmost importance to the 'status' of their clients' hair. They have actually devised a system, that goes hand in hand with their expertise, that analyzes the hair prior to cut, color and treatment.

Before coloring, Sir Yani cut my hair to the length that would look best on my features (i.e. prominent jaw lines). Afterwards, he dyed streaks of my hair with red and blonde highlights and gave the base a light ash brown color.

Photo from Status Hair Salon Facebook Page

The photo is not giving justice to the beauty of my hair. I haven't had the chance to capture its true color but under direct sunlight, my hair is super light brown with streaks of bright red and blond which I dearly love! It was fiercer than I thought it would be, and trusting Sir Yani's expertise was the best thing I did on that day. 

Since I like to look extra edgy, I would usually pin my hair back making it look shaved on one side. Just like what I did on this photo:

So what can you say about my new do? I love how my look totally transformed from dull to fierce! I am now planning to go back to Status Hair Salon (after all my medications and my hair has regained its usual thickness) and have my hair dyed lighter than it is now. 

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