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Can you still remember the very first makeup you had or you were allowed to use? Mine would be the The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain. I was 13 years old then when the permission to put color onto my face was wholeheartedly given to me by my mom who was a makeup enthusiast herself. It wasn't hard to make my mom believe that I needed makeup back then. Growing with a maarte (in a good way) and I-put-makeup-everyday kind of mom helped (Look at me now. Haha!) and the lip & cheek stain looks natural anyway so the worries of me looking too mature for my then age were thrown out of the window.

It, being the only makeup I had in my school bag, was my favorite! Hands down, it was the best! But when I started to discover the big world of makeup, I stopped repurchasing it. Its absence didn't bother me, really, but I was more than delighted when I received it as a gift last Christmas 2013.

For a natural looking just blushed glow to the cheeks or just bitten in to a strawberry lips this double -duty product is a must have for the make-up bag. The more you sweep it on, the deeper it gets.
  • For lips and cheeks
  • Natural effect
  • Dermatologically tested

For more than 8 years of being estranged, The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain did undergo noticeable changes in terms of packaging. It, still, is housed in a lip gloss kind of tube but the current one looks, in my opinion, way better than the old one. For the overall performance, it did not change a bit. Or maybe it did... for the better!

I LIKE that ...
  • it is very easy to use. Just dot and blend away!
  • a little amount goes a long way. About 3-5 dots on each cheek will do for a natural flush look. The more product you use, the deeper the color gets.
  • lasts the entire day! No need for retouch!
  • it doesn't feel sticky.
  • it has no pungent smell.
  • it dries quick. Make sure to work fast all else you'll end up with red patches on the face. :)
  • it is housed in a clear tube which allows us to see how much product is left.
  • the applicator picks up the right amount of product.

I DON'T LIKE that ...
  • it stains my fingers during application.
  • it dries my lips.
  • it is a bit pricey for a lip and cheek stain. I think it is priced around Php800.00.
Will I repurchase? 

This is how the The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain works on me. I use about 3-5 dots on each cheek for that natural flush. It looks good when used on the lips but make sure to moisturized well your puckers before application.

My everyday look can now be easily done in 3 steps -- define brows, conceal imperfections and stain cheeks and lips. It is surprising for some but this look has been my go-to look recently. It is fresh and natural, don't you think?

The The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain is not a cult favorite for nothing! It keeps up with its claims to give the cheeks a blushed glow and the lips a just bitten color. This product does a great job to make my everyday mug look fresh and presentable! For those who like to amp up their look a bit without piling colors onto their face, this baby is a must-have!

For more information, visit The Body Shop's website and The Body Shop Philippines on Facebook.

♥ Jes ♥

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  1. Is it #throwbackthursday already? This was my college favourite, can't wait to rekindle the love. :)


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