Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask: The Mask that does the Jobs of 4!

Being a skincare freak requires me to have a minimum of  6 steps and 6 products in my usual skincare routine.Some could live with just a cleanser and a toner, but I just can't. I have to have my cleaner, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and sunblock on a daily basis and my scrubs/exfoliants and masks at least once a week. Having these numerous steps in my routine make a difference so I don't mind spending time on doing it religiously. But who can say no to a product that claims to do the jobs of 4 products (facial lotion, moisturizer, serum and mask) and trim down the skincare routine to just 4 steps?

Honestly, I had to think more than twice before I decided to accept the Hadabisei Challenge. I trust my routine that much that I doubted how one facial mask can make a difference in my skin. Since I am always up for challenges and the claim that one mask can do 4 tasks is intriguing, I agreed on doing it.

Curious on what the challenge was about?
The challenge was pretty simple -- for 14 days, cut down the usual skincare routine to just 3 steps -- cleanse, tone and mask. In my case, I still do 5 -- cleanse, tone, mask, eye cream and sunblock. Though the challenge didn't literally cut down my routine since I only scrapped out 1 step out my usual 6, using just a mask to take the work of my serum and moisturizer was still challenging enough for me.

So yes, for 14 days I did the challenge. After cleansing and toning, I popped a mask on my face and let it stand for 5-10 minutes. Though it wasn't part  of the challenge, I did this twice a day since that is how I roll with my usual skincare routine.

Each pack has 40 masks. It is a huge plus that the pack is releasable, preventing the essences to dry up fast. Actually, even after the using all masks, there were still some essences left. That is how generous Hadabisei is!

There is nothing special with how the masks look. It holds on the face perfectly though it some how odd that the size is a bit small for my huge face. Notice the gap in between the mask and the edges of my face? Nevertheless, it was not much of a problem since I can always apply essences on those areas.

Since the masks are heavily soaked with 30 kinds of essences (Oh yeah, 30!), it takes time to dry up on the face. I had to wipe off the excess with a facial tissue than wait for it to get to be absorbed completely by my skin. It somehow makes the skin feels sticky too when you just let your skin suck in all the essences so wiping the excess is a must, especially when you use it in the morning.

This was how my face looked like on the 14th day. Just basing the judgment on the above photo, my skin looks hydrated and soft, noh? Actually, I noticed that my skin looked bright and well-nourished when I wake up in the morning. All thanks to pampering my skin with the Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask every night during the duration of the challenge.

I believe that this facial mask also had something to do with how my face currently looks like. I noticed that my pores became smaller and tighter and  my skin became smoother and brighter!

I like it, no doubt. Truth be told, I finished all the 40 sheets when supposedly, the challenge just entailed me to use only 28. I enjoyed using it, actually!

The Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask guarantees huge savings too! Normal prices of facial masks ranges from Php50.00-Php100.00, definitely pricier comparing to only Php795 for 40 sheets. That costs only around Php20.00 per sheet!

So will I ditch my usual routine and just keep using these masks? Maybe no, just because I am a skincare freak. Don't get me wring though, I like these masks. I just don't see myself not doing my usual routine for the rest of my skincare life. However, I am planning to always keep 2 bags in my stash. One for those days my skin would ask for pampering and one for traveling! Indeed, this is perfect for traveling because you only need to bring along 1 resealable bag than those huge and bulky bottles and jars!

Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask is exclusively available in Beauty Bar stores, Metro Manila branches. For more information, please visit Beauty Box Corp on Facebook, and @beautyboxcorp on Instagram and Twitter.

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