Underarm Treatments with Finessa Aesthetica: Session 3 (Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbing)

With the intense heat and the laziness this vacation has brought me (You cannot blame me!), the least thing I want to do is get my body out of the house. Well, unless it is badly needed! I am on vacation from work, by the way. But still, there are things that I am willing to brave the heat for and one of those is a visit to Finessa Aesthetica.

The thought that seeing my underarms in a whiter, softer and smoother condition always excites me to go to Finessa Aesthetica. My underarms are not the worst, to begin with. I just want it to get rid of the chicken skin and uneven tones so I sought the help of Dr. Tiongson and Finessa Aesthetica. Read more on what happened on session 1 and session 2 here and here, respectively.
After the skin has peeled off due to the chemical peeling done on session 2, which took about 8 days in my case, I was asked to come back to further exfoliate the skin. Below was how my underarms looked like before the the third session. Though the chicken skin was still visible, it felt smoother and softer. Hair grew sporadically too.

Side note: Finessa Aesthetica has a lighting that I love so much! I think it will perfect for product and face shoots hence a selfie before the treatment.

The machine used for the treatment was a Multifunction Facial Machine that has a Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber used for the procedure. This device exfoliates the dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin by sending high speed vibrations into the epidermis. This technology removes skin imperfections like dead skin cells, dirt, grease and white and black heads. 

Before the procedure, a cream moisturizer was applied on the area. This will ensure smooth and painless scrubbing.

Then after just a couple of minutes or when the cream has fully been absorbed by the skin, the skin scrubber spatula was used. The entire process was painless! As in you won't feel any discomfort during the scrubbing part. All I felt was a metal softly being 'rubbed' on my skin. The procedure took about 5 minutes per underarm.

The skin turned a bit red after the procedure. Once the redness subsided, I noticed that my underams looked whiter and felt a lot smoother. 

I was told to expect it will be rough again after a few days due to hair follicles and product accumulation and to avoid, if possible, use of any products on the area.

Slowly, I am seeing improvements on my underarms. Just a few days ago, I went for the fourth session so stay tuned for the progress report on that! :)

By the way, I go to Finessa Aesthetica at Katipunan Avenue (near White Plains). Dr. Coco Tiongson is in the clinic every Friday for consultations. For more information, you may contact (02) 437-60-45 or 0906-336-1953.


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