Cathy Doll's Asia's Beauty Blogger Contest (ABBC) is now on!

Are you a beauty blogger or a beauty enthusiast? Or a beauty lover that loves Cathy Doll? Then here's your chance to showcase your creativity and makeup skills!

After the recent celebration of Cathy Doll Philippines' 1st Anniversary, the brand is organizing the Asia's Beauty Blogger Contest (ABBC) to find the best talents.

The competition will have 3 rounds - the Elimination, the National and the Final/Regional. For the Elimination round, unlimited number of entries will be accepted where the top 5 will be selected. All entries will be due on July 12, 2017.  The top 5 entries will go to the National round, wherein they will have a whole day of event to undergo 2 challenges on July 16, 2017. After this event, the top 3 will be chosen. The grand winner of the national round will then fly to Bangkok, Thailand to represent the Philippines and compete in the Final/Regional round.

To be eligible, participants must be 18 years of age and willing to represent the Philippines during the regional round. Sadly, this contest is only open to Metro Manila participants.

Interesting, right? For more information, read the details in the photo above and/or visit Cathy Doll Philippines on Facebook

I cannot wait to see the entries! Good luck!


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