L'Oreal Super Liner Super Star Duo Designer

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As a beauty blogger , I am somehow bound to try different products so I can share my thoughts about it to my friends, blog readers, and social media followers. Despite the number of products I am blessed to try and use, I still end up playing favorites. Once a product makes into my beauty book, a.k.a. favorites' list, expect me to continuously repurchase it. Yes, I would still try products of the same kind bit would be hard to kick a favorite out of its pedestal.

Honestly, when I met my HG eyeliner more than 5 years ago, I became apprehensive in trying new ones. Will this one stay on my lids for a long time? Is this pigmented? Is this easy to use? Is this easy to remove? Yup, those are the things I am looking for an eyeliner. Now, let us see if the L'Oreal Super Liner Super Star Duo Designer (Php 400.00) make it to those criteria.

I got this eyeliner as part of a PR kit sent by L'Oreal a few months back. Though I am a bit familiar on how L'Oreal eyeliner works, this did not excite me that much.

There's nothing fancy about it - is a dual-ended liner with a liquid liner on one end and a pencil on the other. They swatch decently though I wish the pencil gives a more intensed, black pigmentation.

So what made me excited to try this? It was the recent video of Em Cosmetics comparing a felt tip liner with a brush tip liner. In the video, Michelle Phan mentioned that felt tip liners give an intense pigmentation in one swipe and are easier to control.

True enough, the liquid part of the L'Oreal Super Liner Super Star Duo Designer gives an opaque black color in one swipe. It dries fast with a demi-matte finish. When swatched on hands, the liquid formula seeps through the fine lines but don't worry as it goes flat and smooth on the eyelids. It stays on for hours but gets easily rubbed off on the outer corners of the eyes, especially if oil builds up easily on that area.

Unfortunately, the pencil end does not work as good. It barely shows on me lids despite the number of swipes I do. I tried tightlining with it but I ended up with a tugged eyelids. It barely shows up on  my the lower lash line too.

Since I don't want it to be put to waste, I use it on my brows. It works great on making my barely-there brows look a bit fuller by mimicking brow hairs.

Its jet black color and intense pigmentation works great on concealing the glued edges of the false eyeslashes. I'll keep this for that purpose, honestly.

I like the L'Oreal Super Liner Super Star Duo Designer but I don't think I will repurchase it. Just add a few more hundreds and you can get yourself an eyeliner that will sure work wonders. I am more than willing to give you some recommendations. :)

There you go, a come back makeup review. I need to fully utilize the short break I have from work so expect a few more posts lined up! What do you want me to do next? Comment below!

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