Foreo UFO Review: Is it worth the price?

It has been more than 2 years since I last posted a beauty related article here in my blog. I know, it has been a while. So many things have happened since my last post (I posted a glimpse of it here). Ever since we got back in January, I have always been thinking about bringing my old self back - from the character to the activities I do. This blog is one of those things.

If you have noticed, I changed the blog name from MakeUpLove to Jes Loves. I did it as a start. The change signifies my movement from just beauty to everything and anything beyond beauty. I plan to incorporate a lot of things in this blog. I want to venture on other topics. I want to be active again. I want to try again. But, it is not as easy as I thought it would be.

"Pwede pa kaya?", "kaya ko pa ba?", "baka wala na magbasa?", and  all other sort of negative emotions populated my thoughts. I have drafted hundreds of posts only to scrap them after the first few sentences. But, I really wanted this. This space used to be my solace. This space was me and that kind of me was the one I needed back. So, I asked for a sign.

And, this was the sign sent by the beauty universe. Since I asked for it and I really want need it, I am here to respond. Yes, I am back. Though I plan to do it slowly, the fact still stays, #JesIsBack. So, hello again and hello for good!


When we got back from India, I noticed how bad my skin has gotten. Fine lines and wrinkles doubled in number. I had whiteheads, blackheads, and random bumps. My color was uneven. My skin was drier than ever. Stress, problems, and negative emotions had taken really taken a toll on my skin. Top it with Delhi's heavily-treated, chemically-recycled water, crazy climate, and nonavailability of my preferred skincare products.

For months now, I have been extra effort in trying to bring back the my used-to-be skin condition. I have been using my trusted products and trying new ones. One of the most recent I have tried, and probably my best skincare find in 2020, is the UFO by Foreo (Php 16,320 on Sephora PH).

Foreo UFO

Foreo UFO

Foreo UFO is a revolutionary, smart mask treatment that cuts down the usual 20-minute masks time to just 90 seconds. Your read that right! In just a minute and a half, the skin would look and feel softer, brighter, and so much better. Too early to give away my thoughts about it, huh? I'll go to the details on why this product has blown me away.

UFO is armed with Hyper-Infusion Technology that combines (1) heating, (2) cooling, and (3) T-Sonic pulsations.

(1) Thermo-Therapy Mode preps skin and enhances skin's absorption of UFO Power Activated Masks' ingredients.

(2) Cryo-Therapy refreshes, and instantly lifts and firms skin, shrinking the appearance of powers and puffiness.

(3) T-Sonic Pulsations stimulate blood microcirculation and better absorption of products, facilitating skin renewal.

More than the temperature and pulsation, the UFO has LED Light Therapy that provides targeted photofacials for skin rejuvenation.

Red increases collagen and fibroplasts to reduce wrinkles, fines lines, and skin sagginess.

Green lightens dark circles, soothes sunburned skin, evens out skin tone, and boosts natural glow.

Blue goes deeps into the glands to combat against acne-causing bacteria.
What makes the UFO even more special is that it has specially-developed treatment routines accessible through the Foreo app. The app operates the UFO and has specific treatment routines depending on the mask to be used.

The UFO Masks are made in Korea. All masks are dermatologists tested and are formulated with the highest-quality plants and fruits extracts are free from Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Silicones, Dosidium EDTA, and Mineral Oils.

Since I have extremely dry skin, I went with H2Overdose (Php 1,240 for a pack of 6 masks via Sephora PH) which has Hyraluronic Acid as its main ingredient. It promises to give the skin ultra hydration and makes the skin smoother and more supple. I also got the Glow Addict (Php 1,240 for a pack of 6 masks via Sephora PH) because my skin craves for it. It has Pearl Essence that helps illuminates dull skin.
Foreo UFO
To give way to a legit review of the product, I stopped using new products on my skin for a week. I had to make sure that, whatever the results may be, it is because of the Foreo UFO. I stuck with my usual, no-fuss routine - cleanse, tone, moisturize, eyecream, and sunscreeen in the morning and cleanse, tone, moisturize, and eyecream at night. For the past week, I have been using the UFO at night to take the moisturizer part. I use it at around 5:00 AM, after my US working hours shift.

How to use the UFO?

To use the UFO, you have to download the Foreo app in your mobile. The app is pretty simple to use. but prior connection between your mobile and the UFO through Bluetooth should done. Once set up, just turn on the UFO, click on the app and you're good to go.
Foreo UFO
Before the start of any treatment, the app will ask you to scan the bar code of the mask. It would automatically pull up the designed treatment for the mask. Prior to hitting start, make sure to secure the mask using the removable plastic ring.
Foreo UFO
Each treatment runs for 90 seconds combining thermo, pulsations, and LED therapies. I love how the app gives detailed information about what is happening in the treatment. I find it very soothing to listen to. 

After 90 seconds, the treatment will stop but there will be an option to have another round. I usually go for a 2nd to 3rd round since one mask is packed with so much essence. I do 2 rounds on the face and 1 on the neck. Once done, I remove the mask from the UFO and I apply the remaining essence on my elbows and knees before throwing it away.

So after 10 days of use, I noticed that my skin feels hydrated, smooth and supple. It doesn't look as dull and dry compared to when I just use a usual cream. I didn't see much difference on my pores but it was somehow noticeable that my skin looks healthy even if I lack enough sleep and rest. 
Foreo UFO

Overall thoughts on the Foreo UFO by Foreo Sweden

To say that I enjoy the use of the UFO is an understatement. I love it so much that I look forward to its use every after work. The subtle heat and the gentle pulsation feel so relaxing on the skin. Because of this combination, I can really feel that the essences of the masks penetrate into and are being absorbed by my skin. So far, I am loving the H2Overdose masks as I can immediately feel the effect it has on my skin. I may need to give Glow Addict a few more days for the glow to be really that obvious.

Foreo UFO
Now, the question is, is it worth its price? For the UFO itself, yes! The combination of the Hyper Infusion Technology and LED light therapy make the price so worth it that purchasing this may appear cheaper and more practical that going to skin clinics. However, I find the price of the masks a little too steep especially for everyday use. BUT if I have the extra budget, I will sure get and try the other masks. Splurging for your skin will not hurt that much, anyway.

I am thinking of trying to use a serum or a heavy moisturizer with the UFO. Do you think it will work? Parang pwede naman noh? :)

Would you try the Foreo UFO? Why or why not? 

Let me just say this again, IT IS SO NICE TO BE BACK! 

♥ Jes ♥

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