I Now Understand Why 9/10 Moms Choose Promil Four

Milk has been a vital part of Saab’s growth and development. It helped her pull through when she was still in the hospital and up until now, we still highly rely on milk for her nutritional supplementation. But, choosing milk for her isn’t as easy. Given her medical condition, she has to take milk that would supplement her without any additional ingredient that may aggravate her condition.

The liver transplant she had in 2018 has bound Saab into taking Tacrolimus, an immunosuppressant, for the rest of her life. A number of literature says that Tacrolimus can induce post-transplant diabetes. I am no expert in these but knowing a little about diabetes and that there is such a thing as Tacrolimus-Induced post transplant diabetes keeps me on my toes. This, actually, brings me to a quest of looking for a toddler milk that has all nutrients Saab needs without that extra sugar content.

It was so timely when Promil tapped me to take the Test-it, Taste-it Challenge.

Promil®️ Four is scientifically designed with IMMUNITY Nutrients to support proper growth and development.* It is fortified with Oligofructose, vitamin K, and manganese. On top of that, it has DHA, folic acid, lutein, choline, and other vitamins and minerals.
* Promil®️ Four is for children aged 3+. Not suitable as a breastmilk substitute. Together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


For 3 days, I consumed a glass of Promil®️ Four and realized that it actually tastes good. It has the right amount of sweetness and is milkier than other milk in the market. And yes, I already have tried a number. It feels good to know that Promil®️ Four has no added sucrose. The sweetness it has comes from Lactose or milk sugar, the recommended type of sugar for young children.

Now, I understand why 9/10 moms of the Home Tester Club are impressed with Promil®️ Four. I am with them in the testimonial that Promil®️ Four tastes good, without added sugar. And to make it even better, Promil®️ Four contains the needed nutrients to support proper growth and mental development.

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