Trying out SACE LADY from Shopee -- Is it good?

When you are a frequent of Shopee and have that thing with cosmetics, then you probably have came across Sace Lady. I must admit that the wide array of products and the very affordable price points really got me interested. But since I was rebuilding my collection again and I want to start off with the products from brands I trust, trying out Sace Lady was not in my priority list. Until I got approached by their marketing team to give it a try. And since the interest was there to begin with, I said yes.

Though these products were given for free for me to try, all opinions and thoughts are my own and are not influenced in any way by the brand.

So as a starter, I got the Volume & Curl Mascara, Diamond Highlighter, Liquid Blush, Brow Styling Gel, Model HD Mascara, and Model Eyebrow Pencil.

Note: The prices listed below were the prices shown in Shopee when this post was published. These prices may vary from time to time. The description of the products were from Sace Lady's Official Store in Shopee.


Since I am wearing eyeglasses for work, mascara is seriously the one that didn't get to use that much this lockdown season. Honestly, I still have a few unopened ones in my stash but I really cannot find the need to open and use one. But the prices and the claims of Sace Lady mascaras piqued my interest.

Volume & Curl Mascara (Php 119) - A volume and curl mascara for your most dramatic lashes long-wearing. With a glossy and black formula, you will flaunt luxurious, silky lashes that won't smudge, clump, or dry out. You've achieved your most intense, voluminous, curling, waterproof, sweat-proof wear lashes possible.

The Volume & Curl Mascara looks like your usual mascara. It is housed in a black sleek packaging that resembles the tube of some of the crowd-favorite Maybelline mascaras. The brush is okay - not fancy but does the job well.

Now with the actual product. The consistency of the product is too liquid for my liking. It takes time to dry and it weighs down my lashes upon application.

I am not sure if it just me but whenever I use this, I always end up with black dots on my upper and lower lids. It is buildable but since I find it too heavy, every layer weights my lashes further down. But once it dries, it stays on pretty well without smudging. Oh, I love that it doesn't smell like chemicals!

Model Mascara (Php 109) Sace Lady HD Lightweight Mascara, soft and long curls, easy to create charm eyes.

The brush of the Model Mascara is the smallest mascara brush I have and have ever seen! It works so well in getting through my non-existent lower lashes.

The consistency of the Model mascara is very different from Volume & Curl. It is light, dry and has obvious fibers in it which helps in making the lashes look longer and fuller.

It holds the curls of my lashes well, compared to Volume & Curl, but I noticed that it doesn't give that much definition. It adds something but not the extra I want in a mascara. And since the formulation is dry, the fibers do not seem to sit well on the lashes. No fail, I always end up with one or two fiber in my eyes.

I tried to make the Volume & Curl and the Model mascaras to work for me by using them together but no-oh. They do not work. If I need to choose between the two, I would go with Model Mascara. To maximize its fibers, I use it as a topper of another mascara and boom, longer and fuller lashes.


Since we are already on the eye area, let us talk about the brows, my favorite. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you probably know how much I love defining my brows and how much I get really interested with brow products. Yes, I still have that addiction.

Model Eyebrow Pencil (Php 149) - Our waterproof eyebrow pencil instantly shade-matches your natural brow color. The fine slanted tip makes it ideal for spot-filling any sparse areas on the brows. The smooth formula has a long wearing, natural finish that allows you to build your desired color and fullness.

The Model Eyebrow Pencil is hands-down my most favorite item in this set. It has an small but angled tip that makes defining so easy. The pigmentation is nice too. The shade Dark Brown works so well on me. It lasts the entire day too! And for Php 109, this is just love.

Brow Styling Gel (Php 109) The feathery brow look is pretty much universally flattering, with a laidback appeal that still feels dressy and professional.

The Brow Styling Gel is an okay product for me as I do not see anything special in it. I just use it to set my brows in place and it does it pretty good. I want to try the bushy brows look but I don't think I have enough brow hairs for it. And for some reasons, I don't think it looks good on me. Or I may be wrong? Baka hindi ko lang talaga alam paano gawin?

This is how the eyebrow pencil and the brow styling gel looks on me. I have microbladed brows (done by Brow Designery) to begin with but these products still looks on me nonetheless.


Just recently, I grew more love for blushes and highlighters. I think blushes were the first ones I purchased when I got back from India and until now, I am still itching to get more.

Liquid Blush in 03 (Php 109) Sace Lady gives cheeks a dewy, delicate pink glow. Its lighter-than-air liquid texture melts in for a natural blush look that's so softy. You'll look lit from within.

The Liquid Blush is housed in an elegant-looking tube and has the usual lipgloss-type of applicator. The formula is so light that you'll not feel it once it's blended well on to the skin. It doesn't give the pigmentation like what we want for a cheek tint but it makes the skin glow and look healthy.

This is how my skin looks before and after 2 layers of the Liquid Blush. It gives a hint of pink that may be not enough for some. I like how it sits and blends well on my skin. It stays on for long hours too.

Diamond Highlighter in 02  (Php 119) - The smooth and lightweight formula glides onto the skin to create a shine on either the face or body. Arriving in a variety of illuminated shades to complement all skin tones, this best-selling illuminator.

Just like the blush, I love how the Diamond Highlighter look on my skin. It gives the glowing effect without the unnecessary drama. I love to use it on bare face or when I only want a subtle glow on my look. Just a few swipe and dab is all I need. One drawback though - I do not suggest to use it on top of powdered/set foundation as it tends to ruin it.

Overall, I think Sace Lady products are worth a try, especially if you are looking for good yet inexpensive makeup. Would I repurchase? The Model Eyebrow, definitely. I am considering to get the other shades of the Liquid Blush too. As for the Diamond Highlighter, I think this will last me a long time. So no, for now.

How about you? Have you tried Sace Lady? Share your thoughts!

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