Nail Art Love: Panda Bears

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My nails are my biggest insecurities. They tend to be dry and later on, have wounds and uneven skin. These are usually caused by detergents and hand soaps. I don't seem to find any remedy except for continuous application of moisturizer to at least hide those dry skin. People who look at my nails have one common reaction - "Hindi ba masakit?" (Doesn't it hurt.) Of course, it hurts! It hurts to have those wounds and those reactions from others.

Fortunately, I find putting on nail polishes can somehow make my nails look pleasing. People's reactions are drawn to the attractive colors I put on my nails rather than the wounds around it. I thought I would always stick to plain colors. This thought changed when I noticed L's nails to be way more pleasant. L is fascinated with nail arts. She even did some designs on my nails before I got to have learned the basics. I started with collecting various nail polishes then without hesitations, ordered my own nail art set. :) I have done a couple designs, all were revolving around circles and stripes since those were the only levels of creativeness that I can achieve. I watch nail art tutorials on YouTube to get inspiration. But then again, since I lack creativeness, I stick with simple nail art designs - flowers, paw prints, stripes, checkered, etc.

Now, as I venture into blogging, I am inspired to go further than usual. I will try my best to go beyond what I know. :) This is my first try of being artistic creative. I got the design from the Panda Nail Art of Cutepolish in Youtube. Her work was way more than good than mine,  I know! :)

Notice the dry skin? :(

I hope that my pandas look like pandas. :) I know that my nails may freak most of you out, I'll just try to get models for my next posts. Also, if you, or there is someone you know, know someone or something that may help me with my nail problems, please contact me. I'll love you forever if you help me cure my insecurities. :)

More of these posts soon! :)


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