Road Love: Davao - The Zorb Park

Saturday, February 05, 2011

When I was browsing the net to complete our Davao itinerary, I accidentally and luckily crossed a travel blog, which I can't remember! Boo me! Anyway, I almost shouted "Yes!" when I found out that there is a Zorb thingie in Davao. I knew about Zorb when it was featured in the Boracay segment of Sports Unlimited. We already went to Bora so I never thought I would experience this ride. Lucky me, Davao had this just recently and I got to experience it! I looooooove Davao! :

The ride was P200.00 each person, two person per ball. You'll be zipped facing each other. Then, the guides/attendants will push the ball from a not-so-high hill down the flat area. The entire ride will only take less than a  minute. :)

The Zorb Park was located in Ma-a, Davao, the same area where the famous Crocodile Park is located. We arrived early so we didn't get to see a lot of riders. We paid for P200 each which included a free 10-minute trial in their Walk In Water. Unlike the ones in Boracay which has 2 types of rides, The Zorb Park only has one. This is the tandem harnessed ride wherein riders are zipped face-to-face. You wouldn't believe that I was laughing the entire time I was inside the ball. Haha! Edge was laughing hard too. Happy us! :)

I felt totally safe inside the ball. It was so soft and bouncy. The only thing was, it was hot inside. I was feeling the heat when I was being zipped. Good thing, excitement came forth. From the management's own advisory, people weighing 230 pounds and more can not try this out. I don't know why. :| Also, I don't think claustrophobics will like this too.

I definitely loved my Zorb experience in the  The Zorb Park! I hope to try the ones in Boracay. :)

Have you experienced riding a huge ball? :)


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