Swatch: Sophie Lipstick in Caramel Sugar and Velvet Nude

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

These are the last two of my Sophie Lipsticks collection. I love them to bits and I will never get tired of purchasing new shades in case there will be new ones. I currently have all the shades except for Mango Peach and Blushy Pink because according to sources its colors are much similar to others that I already have. 

Let's start off with Sophie Lipstick in Caramel Sugar.

Sorry for the consistency of the lippy. I may have left it somewhere hot.

Ewwwww lips!
Caramel Sugar, as its name doesn't imply, has a hint of pink in its color. It is not as pigmented like others but nevertheless, it is good.

Next: Velvet Nude

I love how nude this shade is. It is not my favorite, though. I love how it matches my skintone. Also it looks good on a simple makeup look! :)

As a summary, I love the Sophie Lipsticks! How can one resists its inexpensiveness and effectiveness? :)

In case some of you are having a hard time looking for a Sophie dealer, feel free to contact me and I will give you my friend's contact details.


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