Random 5: My Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She had me when she was only 15 years old -- young to be a mother and too young to be mature for the job.
She never gave up one me even if there were some people pushing her to have me aborted.
She stood strong for me after she and my father separated.
She inspired me to do the best I can do.
She told me contentment goes hand in hand with happiness.
She taught me to love unconditionally.
She was and still is my greatest fan.
She is the LOVE of my LIFE.
And I'll see her at the crossroads!

and Happy Mother's Day too.

She would have been 41 years old now. :(

I wanted to post her picture but the latest one was taken 12 years ago, a year before she passed away. It hurts to think that she left me too early. But that's fine, after all, she sees me every single day, every single hour, every single minute and second. She loves me so much that even if she's up there, she has given me 'mothers' that are here with me, physically. :)

* This was meant to be posted yesterday but my Blogger didn't permit me to.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your mom...and I am so touched by this. Thumbs up for mom for not letting you go and being a mommy myself, I am sure she is so proud of what you have become and will become. :)

  2. Aww. This is such a sweet and touching post. I agree with what Debi said :)

  3. I almost cried when I read this. It made me remember just how lucky I am to have a wonderful mother.

  4. Sorry about your Mom but I'm sure she is with you everyday. :)

  5. @DeBi and Aya - Thank you! :) Everything I do is for her.

    @Hollie - You are very lucky! :) Thumbs up for great mothers/parents!

    @Catmare - Thank you, sweetie. :)


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