Review: ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick

Friday, May 06, 2011

A make-up look will never be complete without those gorgeous lips. There are times when you look blank just because your lips don't have any hint of color. Lipcolors are my savior on those you-look-blank-and-sick-because-your-lips-are-pale times.

These babies came with the ELF package my father sent me a couple of months back. I loved its name because it claims to be a luscious lipstick. Also, it's packaging definitely suits my tiny kit unlike those bulky normal lipsticks.

These are twist-type pen that needs to be activated by twisting it 10-20 times.

therapy is here. Intensive hydrating agents along with natural pigments leave lips with long-lasting color and moisture. This luscious liquid lipstick creates wearable color that flatters a multitude of skin tones and looks.
I have 4 shades: Ruby Slipper, Brownie Points, Bark, and Baby Lips (not in the picture).

It has an angular sponge-tip applicator that, I think, is for better application.

Here are the swatches of the shades I have:
Left to right: Ruby Slipper, Brownie Points, and Bark
(With flash) Left to right: Ruby Slipper, Brownie Points, and Bark
This is what they look like on my lips:
Ruby Slipper

Brownie Points


What I like:
  • Smells and tastes good -- Huge plus!
  • Packaging suits my make up kit very well
  • Moisturising
  • Inexpensive -- These cost only a $1 each (about Php50) in the US.
  • Available locally -- Priced at Php129.00 each in ELF counters.
  • Has very wearable color
  • Available in 11 shades: Baby Lips, Pink Lemonade, Bark, Maple Sugar, Caramel Candy, Brownie Points, Cherry Tart, Ruby Slipper, Perfect Pink, Raspeberry, and Strawberry. -- I am not quite sure if all of these are available locally.

What I don't like:
  • Appears like a lipgloss instead of a lipstick -- Colors are barely noticeable.
  • May tend to be sticky
  • I hate the twist-type style
  • The tip look messy over time
  • Some may find the tip scratchy
  • Does not stay long

Will Jes repurchase?

For an everyday use, this will work perfectly. I just don't like that it's named lipstick when it works only as a lipgloss. Because of its very sheer color, I usually use these to top my lipsticks and to give an extra shine.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts about it?

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  1. I tried the Pink Lemonade shade before, I gave it to a friend. didn't like it coz it's sticky. I like the ELF Plumping Lip Glaze better.

  2. I agree, they look more like lipglosses to me too. Nice review :)

  3. I guess they need to reconsider the packaging of this one... thanks for the review

  4. @Hollie - I'll give the Plumping LIp Glaze a try. :)

    @Aya - Thanks!

    @I Am Ahne - Yeah! You're welcome, dear. :)

  5. nice review, pero para siyang stila lip glaze..I hate sticky lip glosses... :)

    ps. i didn't know you like #5...hehehe

  6. Thanks for the review. I agree with the comment above, reminds me of Stila lip glaze.

  7. @DeBi and Catmare - Thank you! I haven't tried Stila Lip Glaze but if it appears to be the same as the ELF ones, I think I have to pass on trying it. :)

  8. I actually really like the product BECAUSE of its thickness, though I can imagine the disappointment since the product claims to be a "lipstick" and clearly isn't. I just use as the gloss it really is.

    Also, although the fact the color isn't can be a downside I actually like it (as I have darker lips and the colors adjust to me better).

    thanks for the review!


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