Review: L.A. Colors Mineral Eyeshadow

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

During his trips to Japan (he is sent by the company he works in every now and then), I usually bother Edge to by me make up. We all know how Japanese women love cosmetics and that some of the BEST make up come from Japan. That's why his trips to Japan are heaven for me. Not because I like it when he leaves but because he goes to a place where there is a LOT of make up. The only thing is -- Edge doesn't know a bit about make up. Whenever I ask him to buy anything for me, he ends up buying that last thing I bought that he is aware of. For this instance, he bought these L.A. COLORS MINERAL EYESHADOWs because he listened to me when I was raving about Ellana Minerals and Beaumode Mineral Make up.

He got me the shades 133 (Green), 432 (Brown), and 141 (Blue).

We don't have much L.A. Colors products here in the Philippines though Metro of Market Market carries some like foundations and lipglosses, so you couldn't blame me as my eyes opened wide when I saw these babies. I can still remember Edge telling me, "Mineral yan!" Yeah right, I know how to read!

These are the close-ups of my cutiepies!

What Jes likes:
  • I got these for FREE. -- Thank you, Edge!
  • Good pigmentation -- I prefer to use it on top of a good base for better color pay-off.
  • Buildable color!
  • Easy to blend
  • Good for the skin -- Mineral!
  • Available in many other shades
What Jes doesn't like:
  • Not available in the Philippines -- Multiply sellers may carry these. I am not sure, though.
  • The packaging has the huge tendency to break.
  • The sponge applicator it comes with is useless.
Will Jes repurchase?
Even if I want to, I need to convince Edge to get me more. That is one hell of a trial. So, NO!


On pictures, the lighter part of the duo may appear similar.

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  1. I like those shades! Free stuff FTW :)

  2. The shades look very pretty! I used to work in Market Market (yeah, office is there so not good for the wallet) and was also surprised to see the LA Colors booth there. And they're all incredibly cheap. :P

  3. @Aya - Yehey for FREE stuff! :)

    @Pammy - Haha! Working in or even near a mall hurts and wrecks the wallet! :) I saw the LA Colors booth in Market Market but I wasn't able to buy any because of the limited shades and variants available. I hope they restock soon! :)

  4. awww...heeey, i can snag you a palette or two of these here if you want! i know how incredibly hard to find some products, i feel the same way regarding some japanese items :( but yeah, just holla back at me! don't worry, il get it for you for free ;) leave me a comment on my blog xoxo

  5. Nice shadows! Haha! I saw these yesterday at the LA Colors booth at SM Cubao. :)

  6. love the bluish teal color!

  7. @Jbreezybaby - You are very sweet, darling! :)

    @IyaV - Really? SM Cubao now carries LA Colors? :) That is good news!

    @Rinz - It's actually very pretty in actual! :)


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