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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who doesn't want cheap finds? *thinking* Honestly, I don't know anyone who doesn't like inexpensive but good products. I believe that all of us have a huge space in our hearts for these kind of goodies. Actually, I am planning to change the name of my blog from MakeUpLove  to CheapMakeUpLove. *joking* I just noticed that I haven't featured and reviewed products that are expensive and from high-end brands. Blame should be given to my budget. Haha! Luckily, I find products that I love and deliver well for a cheap price. :) Hurray for budget-friendly cosmetics!!!

Moving on: Most of us are currently aware of mineral makeup or MMU. These are products that are made from natural minerals and without any chemicals. Basically, mineral makeup is very good for our skin. It is said to be noncomedogenic and contain sun protection. There are many brands that carry mineral makeup. Everyday Minerals, Bare Escentuals, and Jane Iredale are some of those. Even L'oreal, Revlon, and Maybelline have mineral makeup lines. In the Philippines, we have Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. (For more information, please visit

Considering the price of its products, Ellana Minerals is already inexpensive. About a couple of months ago, as I browsed my Multiply site, a link about cheap mineral makeup popped out. Curious me clicked the link without even thinking that it may just be a virus or what. The link brought me to Margarett's Site or She sells Beaumode Mineral Makeup. I haven't heard of this brand but its price immediately caught me. Hold your breath as I say that their 2.5g (1/2 tsp) costs only P50 (about $1)! That is way cheaper compared to the P130.00 of Ellana (I am not sure it they weigh the same).

Margarett's Site:

Prices and sizes are as follows:
2.5gms 1/2tsp P50, 5gms or 1tsp P70, 10gms P130, 20gms P220, 30gms P300.
It comes with jar already. special discount for resellers and wholesale buyers.
Here are the products and shades available. (Photos came from the site.)
Photo source
Photo source

The shades available for eyeshadow are GORGEOUS! When I saw these pictures, I didn't think twice. I submitted an order form and got the following:
What Jes likes:
  • Inexpensive -- Compared to other mineral makeup brands, Beaumode is the most inexpensive (I know, at least, as of the moment).
  • VERY pigmented
  • Available in different sizes and amounts
  • Has many shades available
  • Hassle free transaction--  I got the items 1 day after I ordered it.
  • No allergic reactions
  • Does not crease easily and stays long enough-- Especially when used over a primer or a base.
  • Can be removed easily with a makeup remover
  • Good for the skin! -- Hey its mineral!
  • Discounts await for resellers and wholesale buyers -- If may be a lot cheaper to buy in bulk.

What Jes doesn't like:
  • Packaging for the 2.5g and 5g does not include sifters which makes it look messy -- I think you can order it with sifters but change on prices will apply.
  • Since it does not have sifters, tendency of dabbing too much product on the brush is possible.
  • Only available in foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows. No lip products. :(
  • I prefer packaging to be wide not tall. -- The 20g products are packaged in a taller container not wider.



I don't have anything on, even powder! :)

Just the foundation, no concealer.
Prices does not include delivery charges!

If you would notice, I started with the neutral ones. I didn't order other fancy shades since I am on the process of testing it out. I like to use the foundation because of its easier application compared to a liquid one. I also tried using it as a setting powder and it worked perfect. If you're having your photos taken, NEVER use the mineral foundation even as a setting powder. It shines on pictures!

Whenever I use these, I place it on top of a clean sheet of paper. This is to catch products that will fall out on the process of dabbing the brush into the container. Also if it will be accidentally spilled, there is a paper that will catch the products.

Will Jes repurchase?
Of course! I'll get ALL the shades if my budget permits! :)

For more information, contact the seller at:
Mobile: 0915-7591271 or 0922-8010635

What are your thoughts about mineral makeup?

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  1. This is first time I've hear about Beaumode Mineral Makeup. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Hollie! Try it, it works. :)

  3. hi jes, hindi ba nagccake yung foundie? thank you for sharing this.

  4. @Aringkingking - Lately, it does cake on my face. Naging dry kasi ako. But it's good as a setting powder. :)

  5. sis yung sizes

    2.5gms 1/2tsp P50, 5gms or 1tsp P70, 10gms P130, 20gms P220, 30gms P300.

    yan ba yung weight ng jar or weight ng volume ng powder? :)

  6. @Janna - Yan yung amount ng powder sis, if I am not mistaken. :)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my post! :)

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