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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Since my classes are moved to every Saturdays and starts at *holds breath* 7:00 A.M., I have no choice but to be in school with an easy-to-do yet rockin' look. I'll be staying in school until 4:00 P.M. which means I only have a little to no time left to re-do my make-up in case I'll be heading out to a weekend gimmick. The only solution I know is to make my day look last up to nighttime and enhance it a little to be appropriate for those partying at night! 

This is one make-up look that I know will surely look awesome from day to night. I played around with different purples because it looks good during the day (be sure that it's subtle) and it transforms the eyes into a sexy pair at night.

*The photos were taken under a gloomy weather, hence, the crappy lighting and the unnoticeable colors. Please bear with me as I am still finding ways to improve this.

1. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize the face. Be sure to apply sunblock prior to foundation. Sunblock is a must in school. You'll be staying whole day in a class where you could be exposed to the sun and/or room lighting. Sun and lights contain UV rays that are harmful to the skin.
2.  Apply BB cream or foundation all over the face. I chose BB cream over foundation because it has a lighter weight and more natural looking. 
3. Conceal. Since BB cream has a light coverage, concealing is an important step. This will also make your face look much awake. 
4. Redefine eyebrows. DO NOT make it look too drawn!
5. Prime the lids. Blend. This will ensure that the eye make-up will last long.

6. Apply a wash of peach eyeshadow all over the lid. You may use a shade similar to your skintone.
7. Apply a purple eyeshadow on the lower part of the lid. Blend. You may use other shades, I just felt like playing with purples!
8. Apply the same purple eyeshadow on the outer half of the lower lashline.

9. Line the eyes with a brown eyeliner. Stay close to the lash line. Brown eyeliner is less dramatic and more natural looking than black (I know, my eyeliner did not show up in pictures).

 10. Line the waterline with a white eyeliner. This will make the eyes look brighter and awake.

11. Highlight browbones and inner tearducts. Bring the color on the inner half of the lower lashline.

12. Curl lashes and apply one coat of mascara. Say 'hello' to that clumped mascara! Haha! :)

13. Apply a natural-looking blush and a pale pink lipstick. YOU'RE DONE on your DAY look!

To bring the entire day look to a night-of-partying look, the key is to intensify the colors. If you want, you can always go for a sexy and dramatic make-up look.

1. Intensify the eyebrows. The lights will wash off the color of the eyebrows so make sure you darken it a bit.
2. Apply a shimmery purple eyeshadow on the inner 1/3 of the lids.

3. Pat on a medium purple on the middle portion and the darkest purple (that you have) on the outermost part. Blend!

4. To intensify the look even more, apply a black eyeshadow on the crease area. Bring the same black eyeshadow on the lower lashline. For eyes like mine, make sure to check if the eyeshadows are seen even with the eyes open. If not, you can always bring the color higher.

5. Line the eyes with a black gel liner. Highlight browbones and inner tearducts.

6. Line the waterline with a black liner. Apply false lashes. False lashes are optional. You may just curl lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara.

7. Apply foundation and conceal imperfections. No pictures, sorry!
8. Apply your favorite blush and lipstick. I chose a peach-pink blush and a nude pink lipstick. YOU'RE DONE on your NIGHT look!

Be beautiful in whatever time of the day!

Look fresh during the day, and sexy at night! :)

DAY Look
Maybelline BB Cream
Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer in Soft Beige
San San Pressed Powder in 01
Careline Blush in Peachy Glow

In2it Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
ELF Primer
ELF Brightening Eyeshadow in Brownstone - Peach
Avon Eyeshadow Quad - Purples
ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee
Fashion 21 White Eyeliner
Nichido Single Eyeshadow in Sea Shell
Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara in Very Black

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Natural Beige
Kiko Concealer in 02
Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Oriental
Nichidp Blush in Cool Rum

In2it Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
Avon Eyeshadow Quad - Purples
Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Quad in Teen Denim
Nichido Single Eyeshadow in Sea Shell
fanny Serrano Gel Liner
Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara in Very Black
False lashes

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey
ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips

*I'll be ending this with one obnoxious pose...for fun!

I hope you like it! Till the next look!

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  1. I love the night look Jes, so pretty and dramatic! =)

  2. Pretty!! Super love the night look! :-)

  3. Weee! Thank you, Eunice and Michelle! Hug! :)

  4. love the smokey look on you! that ever bilena lipstick looks so good on you! i just got interested in them!:)

  5. great tutorial! will definitely try out the night look. =)

  6. You look very pretty especially in the night look! :)

  7. Pretty! You look like Saida!~ You know her? :)

  8. I loooove both looks! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  9. wow, that night look is so sexy :) Love it!


  10. obsessed. you look amazing. so glad I came across your blog. I'm following, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over 3 months ago after graduating from college in the south and moving across the country to LA. The site's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. I'd love if if you'd stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Any support would be awesome. Thanks love. xoxo


  11. I love the day look:)and you look fab!

  12. the finished look is beautiful! :)


  13. @beautylilsecrets - Thank you! I am planning to make other versions of the smokey look. Try Ever Bilena lipsticks, especially the matte ones, they work awesome for a very inexpensive price. :)

    @Fashion CouSense - Thanks! Post a picture of you wearing the look. :)

    @Em - Thank you, sweets!

    @Jendee - Thank you! Saida of EB Babes? If yes, I know her. :)

    @Aya, @DeBi, @Marge, and @Janel - Thank you, pretty girls! :)

    @Fash Boulevard - Thank you! I'll check your site. :)

    @SunnyToast - Thanks!

    @Jenn - Yey. Thanks!

  14. LOVE your make-up tutorial, you look GREAT!
    Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

  15. Perfect match Jes! Fierce poses plus Pretty lashes. Gow for lash extensions na din Sis.:)

  16. Looks great on you. I was thinking to post the same from what I learned in the make up class but I just came from facial peel and my face is exfoliating, hihi. Nice tutorial!

  17. I love the transformation of your look! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  18. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
    My wife and I are always here to support you.

  19. Wow, you're so beautiful! And these tips are great! Would you like to follow each other?love,m.

  20. This look is simply gorgeous, I would never think to use pale colors to line the eyes but the look is lovely. Glad to find your blog to day, I am now following, hope you will to. I mainly blog fashion as I need to learn more about make up! Pearl x


  21. i super love this jes!!!! Super... i am not good on eyeshadow. super thanks you for this tutorial

  22. @Alicia - Thank you! :)

    @Vian - Haha! I'll consider. Thank you. :)

    @King - Awww. Do it after your skin has healed. I am excited to see it!

    @I am certified - You're welcome, dear. More to come soon. Thank you!

    @Fresh Garden - Thank you!

    @Marielleheart - Thank you! Sure! :)

    @Pearl Westwood - Thank you, Pearl. I'll check your blog!

    @Sweethestia - Yey! Thank you, babe! :) I'll do more!

  23. love it sis! =) kamuka mo yung friend ko! =)

  24. i so love this look! btw, thanks for joining my giveaway! *hugs*
    you're so pretty inside 'n out, i know!

  25. @Che - Thank you, Ms. Che! :)

    @Diane - Awww. Thanks, Ms. Diane! Please make me win. Haha! :)


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