Swatch [On lips]: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Knockout Pink

As promised, the following photos will show how Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Knockout Pink looks on my lips. I wore this out today to buy a textbook which unfortunately, is out of stock in all of the bookstores I went to.

Did I really gain weight? :(
I went out with just broad eyebrows, peach blush, and bold lips. 


I look forward in getting more shades of the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick!


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  1. Knockout Pink looks lovely on you! :) I read from somewhere that this is also Angel Locsin's favorite shade. :>

  2. Thank you, girls! :) *happy dance!*

  3. It's pretty color on you!:) The only Avon i use is the eyeliner and i am very impressed with the quality.

  4. I really need to find an Avon rep in my area! love this shade!

  5. such awesome natural pouty lips, and the pink shade is super nice on you ;-) ☺♥

  6. @Michelle - :)

    @Rinz - Thank you, pretty! :) I haven't tried Avon's eyeliner but I'll try soon. :)

    @adoreabubbles - Yey! Please post a picture of you wearing this kind of lipstick.

    @Marge - Thank you, Ms. Marge! :)

  7. Very pretty! It suits you so well.

  8. Thank you, Jackie and Catmare! :)


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