Random 10: Nivea Goodies

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I remember Ms. Nikki of AskMeWhats telling me that I should always include a sunblock in my daily routine. Honestly, I do not use a separate sunblock on a daily basis and I just rely with the SPF included in my daily moisturizer. Since it was AMW who told me to use a sunblock prior to applying make-up, I started to hunt for a good one. Then I came across with The Perpetrator's post about her Summer Routine Essentials where I saw the Nivea Sparkling White UV Blocker. I remember telling myself, "Maybe I should give this a try. The Perpetrator is using it so it must be good." I even commented on the post that I want to try the UV Blocker.

After about a day, The Perpetrator commented on my blog telling me that she has a giveaway and that includes the Nivea Sparkling White UV Blocker as one of the prizes. I was like, "I should join to have a chance of getting the sunblock for free!" So to make things short, I joined the giveaway and that was one of the coolest acts I did. *happy dance*

It was Saturday, June 4, when I was notified through email that I won the giveaway. I literally screamed of excitement. It was an over-acting moment as its best! You can't blame me, that was my first time to win a giveaway. Read the announcement here. (Actually, it was the second. I consider joining AMW's Clinique Party as a winning moment.)

These are the stuff I got:

I plan to make review on the UV Blocker so I'll start using it soon!

Thank you so much, The Perpetrator! The Nivea goodies made me very happy. :) Till your next giveaway!
Please check out The Perpetrators awesome blog!

I hope to win more giveaways! Yehey! :)

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  1. Yay. Lucky you. Nivea products are sooo great sis. :)


  2. I used to have this mindst that sunblck is for summer only but after reading more info about sunblock its become one of my best friend:)

    Loving your blog and goodluck hope you win more giveaways:)

  3. @Vian - Thanks, sis! The only Nivea products I tried were the deodorants. I am excited to use the UV Blocker. :)

    @SunnyToast - I used to think that way too. Honestly, I use sunblock only at the beach or whenever I am on a summer trip. Now, I'll start using it as part of my daily routine. Let's see what wonders will it do to my skin.

  4. I haven't tried a lot of Nivea products. Maybe I should start trying 'em now! :-)

  5. ey congrats! di nga lang nagwork sa kin mga deo nila hahaha i just love the smell a lot kaya i keep trying LOL

  6. @Michelle - :) Let me know your thought about it, ha?

    @Marge - Thanks! Oo nga, mabango nga mga deo nila. :)


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