Random 9: What's In My Bag?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I have been planning to post this for weeks now but I was just too shy to let others see the trash things I carry with me in my bag. I was very inspired by Aya of Codename Aya and Dee of Stockpiled posts about the things inside their bags. Click here and here to read their versions, respectively.

Most often than not, I carry a huge bag whenever I go out of the house. The reason? I want to bring every single thing that I think I would need for the day. And yes, even if I know that I won't be needing that 'thing' , I still bring it because I might need it. Crazy, huh? Yeah, I am THAT crazy ever since.

I am currently using my Hello Kitty Paradiso bag given by Edge last December. I love it because it's huge, has  compartments and is capable of holding a lot of stuff! I even have a bag inside this bag -- the bag organizer I got from Avon for only P79.00 (~$2). Steal!

So what do I have inside my bag? I warned you, I carry a lot. Oh, I love Hello Kitty so you might be seeing Hello Kitty stuff and pink thingies.

As one, these are the usuals. There are still a lot inside the bag organizer.
Sorry for the background. This was the most decent lighting I could get -- the dining area.

A. The essentials:
  • Umbrella - This never goes out of my bag. You'll never know when the sun will give off its intense heat and when the rain will pour.
  • iPod Shuffle - A gift from Edge. This is my companion forever!
  • Wallet 
  • Coin purse
  • Mobile phone
  • Make up kit - What it has inside will be up in a different post.
B. Belle de Jour Planner and colored pens -- I usually bring 3 to 5 colored pens but these past weeks, I feel like bringing my entire collection. My planner is my diary, my planner, my calendar, my everything. It knows what happened on a certain day and what will happen on the future days.

C. iPod Touch and DSiXL -- You'll never know when will boredom strike. Mas okay na yung handa ako!

D. The things inside the bag organizer
  1. Tissue  -- I also have a pack of wet tissue which I don't know where it went for it is not in the picture.
  2. Body Spray
  3. Alcohol -- and/or sanitizer!
  4. Lotion -- My skin is very dry so I always bring a lotion or a moisturizer with me.
  5. Sunglass
  6. Eyeglass  -- I am blind without it!
  7. Keys  -- I collect keychains from places I visited, hence, the number of keychains.
  8. Comb
  9. Mirror
  10. Blotting papers
  11. Sticky notes  -- I love writing little notes to people. :)
  12. Flashdrive
  13. Mints  -- This is from Japan. Cool!
  14. Lip balm -- Mentholatum, it is. I believe it is the same as the ones available in Watsons.

And those are the things inside my bag. I am enjoying these kinds of posts! Teehee!

You, what do you carry in your bag? Share!

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  1. great post gal :) keep going


  2. WOAAAHHH!!!

    You have sooooo much stuff!!!!!

    Hahahaha! A total girl scout!!


    PS- We're having a clearance sale! Check it out at MeTime Manila

  3. my bag is full of my son's stuff!!! lol

  4. Andami nga! HAha I was like... "Whoa, nagkasya yun dun?" :D

    And LOL @ Debi's comment! :DDD

  5. i wanna see your hello kitty junkies!:))

  6. ahmmm nakakahiya ipakita laman ng bag LOL hehehe

  7. wow. So much stuffs in your bag. Mas makakahiya bag ko kasi puro scrap papers. Might do this one once school starts... siguro mas maayos na laman ng bag ko. O_O

  8. @Michelle - Dami noh? :) Girl scout!

    @DeBi - Hahaha! Cute!

    @Aya - Wala pa diyan yung binabasa kong book. :) Bigat!

    @Wickermoss - Yey! Sige, I'll make time to take pictures of them.

    @Marge - Haha! Keri na yan. :)

    @Morbidfrank - Yung akin din maraming receipts and flyers. Hindi ko nalang sinama, nakakahiya. :)

  9. my fave line: iPod Touch and DSiXL -- You'll never know when will boredom strike. Mas okay na yung handa ako! Girlscout :)

  10. your bag was like mine when I was still in the call center! haha! but without the bag organizer hehe ^_^ great post jes! keep it up! ^_^

    Much Love!


  11. waa ang daming laman ng bag mo. ganyan din ako pag malaking bag ginagamit ko, lol. your bag is so cute! I love hello kitty too!


  12. Cute stuff! I'm a real pack rat too, except I'm nowhere near as organized as you. LOL

  13. Great post..for now I don't have the courage to show what inside my bag:) often my friend joke me that I'm like bringing an aparador..sa daming kng nakalagay sa bag but for I'm a big fun of big bags especially eco bags:)

  14. lotsa stuff! but the same as well. I always want to be prepared...hehe

  15. @Vian - Haha! Those are fave things inside my bag. Tama naman diba? Mahirap yung nakatunganga lang lalo na kapag naghihintay. :)

    @Alice - Really! These are closets not bags. :)

    @Janel - Hello Kitty is the best. Haha! Super dala lang ako ng mga bagay kahit na hindi ko masyado kailangan. :)

    @Sunnytoast - I super love big bags. :) Where do you get your eco bags?

    @Hollie - Girl scout ka rin! :)

  16. Wow that's a lot of stuff! I don't carry that much pero bigat na bigat na ako sa bag ko. lol.

  17. @Catmare - Yung akin, normal na laging mabigat. :) Hehe!


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