Review: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Silky Peach

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have a friend who never fails to contact me in case there are new products and promos in Avon. *Waving hands to Chim!* She is an Avon dealer herself so she is fully equipped with brochures of upcoming products and some promos that only lucky ones have a chance to avail. I consider myself as a lucky one! She messaged me last May about the promo of Avon on their upcoming lipstick and that is the ULTRA MOISTURE RICH MOISTURE SEDUCTION LIPSTICK. YES, there are 2 'moisture' in its name. I was easily seduced by its name and its promo so I gave in. I got this for its 'try me' offer of only Php239.00 (about $5) with a free 2-piece pouch set! That was a DEAL!

I got the shade Silky Peach because many have said that peach, orange, and nude look good on me *Hi, true friends! Haha!* and that I want to try a new shade aside from the usual pinks and reds. 


It came in a box unlike the normal Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick. The manufacturing date was also printed on the box. 
I was a bit surprised to see that it has a marble-like appearance. It is not a usual solid colored lipstick. Don't worry, the whites do not show up on the lips. I believe this component adds moisture to the lipstick.

My lips are super dry. I even think that it has a talent of shedding even if the circumstances do not require to. I am always on the hunt of moisturizing lip products. This lipstick is definitely moisturizing so it is now included in my bucket!

The swatches below were done with only one swipe:

AVON says:
ULTRA MOISTURE RICH MOISTURE SEDUCTION LIPSTICK -- A captivating breakthrough in the art of desire.
A sublime blend of color and moisture in one seductive lipstick. Ribbons of hydrating moisture are intertwined with rich color.
2 Reasons why Moisture Seduction Lipstick should be one everybody's lips: To feel good with 24 hour moisture; To look good with rich captivating color.

What I like about it:
    • Inexpensive -- I got this for only Php239.00. Offered at Php259.00 from June 1 to 15. After the intro price, it will be Php375.00 each, back to its regular price. Affordable, still!
    • Moisturizing! -- I have no problems with its moisture. I do not even have to put lip balm under it.
    • Elegant packaging
    • Available in 10 shades -- Perfect Pink, Rose Ribbons, Fuchsia Fever, Red Kiss, Silky Peach, Tangerine, Raspberry, Nude Perfection, Mocha Plum, and Deep Maraschino.
    Photo from Avon eBrochure
    • Available through dealers -- There are many Avon dealers around! :)
    • Came in with 2 pouches! -- I honestly got this lipstick for these pouches. Haha! Now you know how much I love promos and free stuff!
    • Has SPF 15 -- Yehey to protection!
    • It has a manufacturing date printed on its box.
    • I have no allergic reactions
    • Pigmented -- One swipe for sheer, and more for bolder and brighter color!
    • Smells and tastes good! -- This is a must, for me. I often 'lick' my lips.
    • Stays long enough -- Especially if I do not eat or drink with it on my lips.

    What I don't like about it:
    • Some may find it too oily
    • Avon lipsticks melt easily

    Will I repurchase?
    Of course! I love it! :) Hope its stays at Php239 or Php259 each.

    1. Store in a cool and dry place to avoid melting.
    2. Always take note of the manufacturing date.
    3. For a more solid and bolder effect, build up the color on the lips.
    4. You'll get a 2-piecee pouch set for every purchase of this lipstick! Hurry while the promo is still up!

    For more information about the Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick or any Avon products, you may check Avon eBrochure or just ask your Avon lady for the latest brochure! I sound like the ad! Haha!

    Share your thoughts about this lipstick! :)

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    1. It really looks nice! I like that shade :D

    2. I really like the marble look :D

    3. It does look good on you. :)

      I like the shade! Dang, it's already the 15th. :(

    4. I love Avon lipsticks :) looks good!

    5. it looks very pretty,very natural

    6. It looks so pretty, marbleized. That color is very pretty! I like how moisturizing Avon lippies are. I tried my mom's, love the moisture not the color she had (some kind of plum). lol.


    7. maganda ba ung purse? hehehe..i saw this last night when my friend sent me the brochure...hesitant kasi mukhang hindi nice ung

    8. I looove how it looks in the tube!! :-)

    9. Wow, it looks so prettyyy in the tube! All marbled & swirly. (: It looks gorgeous on your lips as well.

    10. looks pretty:)Thanks for visiting me sweetie, followed you back:)Kisses**

    11. Love the shade, I have a couple of ultra rich moisture lipstick from Avon and Nectar is my favorite.

    12. @Rae - Try it! :)

      @Pammy - Thank you! I hope they'll still include this on their sale items. :)

      @Miss Bad - It's pretty!

      @Nina - I like their lipsticks too. :)

      @Jardelle - I agree! :)

      @Janel - Some of the colors are too bold or too sheer. I also love how moisturizing it is!

      @DeBi - Keri lang yung pouch. Pwede na as free items. :)

      @Michelle and Tiffo - It looks very pretty! :)

      @Aimee - Thank you! You have great posts! :)

      @Hollie - What does Nectar look like? I only have Personified Plum and Honey. :)

    13. What a pretty shade! I love the marble finish, it looks so unique. :) I used to be an Avon dealer too back in my college days. I love their promos, they give you all the reasons to buy their products with cute GWPs + 25% off. :) Great review on this, I'll check this out soon.

      Btw, I'm a new follower! :)

    14. Wow! i love the shade sis! I havent tried peach shade pa. I have dark skin kasi e... but will definitely gonna try this one. Fingers cross...

    15. @Helen - Hi! I followed you back, babe! Thank you!

      @Sweethestia -I also have dark/tanned skin. Many have said that peach looks good on me. It might work for you too. :)

    16. i think you're one of the few bloggers I saw that has really nice lips. no kidding jes.

    17. @wickeRmoss/Charles - Thank you!!! :) *kilig*

    18. This orange one looks lovely i will have to buy this, love the blog, new follower would love it if we could follow each other xxx


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