Random 11: From 70 to 50

Thursday, June 16, 2011

For some, the title may not have any sense. But for me, it makes me happy! When I am asked about some random facts about myself, the fact about my used-to-be weight will always be on the list. I used to weigh 70kgs, which I consider to be fat for my 5'4" height. Now, I am happily residing in my 50kg body. Yes, this post is about how I got to 50kgs from my then 70kg body. 

Notes: I ONLY made this post for my readers to know me well and to share some tips on how I lost all those baby fats. I have no intentions of hurting anybody's feelings. :) I won't mind you laughing at my pictures. These actually make me laugh all the time!

FROM 70...
I was never thin in my early years. I was either chubby or fat. This was me when I entered UP in 2003. Those thick eyebrows, fat cheeks, and wide nose show my then innocence. For my family, I look much better in this body. *haha*

I believe this was around late 2004. The ARMS!
2004: Edge and I

Actually, I lost about 5kgs over the years in UP. I blame the thesis and the lifestyle UP has. There were also some incidents that happened in these years that made me lose my appetite.

TO 50!
It was in 2009 when I started losing all the fats I wanted to lose. It was a year after I went out of UP. Of course, everything changed. My eyebrows got thinner and my cheeks got smaller. For my nose, it is no longer stretched. Trivia: I was asked by my HS friend if I had my nose done because, as she said, my nose daw got smaller and better. Haha!

Edge and I from the recent Clinique Party with AMW!

So now, the question is: How did I lose weight? I will be answering this with the things I did and had happened to me. I am not an expert in weight loss or weight management.

Honestly, it all started with depression. It was in mid-2003 when my 4-year relationship with the then boyfriend ended. The emotional pain kept me from eating and sleeping. I know you know what happens on times like that. When my friends noticed that I looked so much good after losing some weight, I started the I-need-to-lose-more-weight movement. (I DO NOT advise you getting into depression to start losing weight. I tell you, those days of my life were horrible!) The following are the things I did and still do:
  1. Jogging and/or walking -- I jog as often as I could. If my schedule won't permit me to jog, I make sure that I walk for 10 to 20 minutes.
  2. Eat with limitations -- I eat whatever and whenever I want, but in minimal amount. 
  3. Get into sports! -- This is very effective. A weekend badminton or swimming will make you lose weight while enjoying.
  4. Be inspired -- Plot your goals. Know the reasons why you want to lose weight. Inspiration will keep you on track.
  5. Treat sugary and salty foods as rewards -- We all have cravings for ice creams, cakes and chips. What I do is to exercise a LOT for a week first before indulging myself in a bite of ice cream or cake. I only eat these high-calorie food when I did something good for myself or for others. :)
  6. Drink water! -- This will keep you full throughout the day.
  7. Feel beautiful -- I keep on thinking that if I lose weight, I'll look even more beautiful. :)
Basically, these are the only things I did to lose weight and I still do to keep my weight. I find these very effective for me!

Now, I am planning to tone my muscles and work my abs. Do you recommend any exercise or workout?
When friends tell you how awesome you look, drop the "I still have more to go" crap.  You worked hard and you deserve the compliment!  ~Jillian Michaels

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  1. I totally agree! we almost had the same experience. Early this year, because of depression (I thought my bf of 6 yrs and I was gonna break up)I lost my appetite & was not able to eat rice. I lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks and it really made a difference since everyone noticed. I kept it up & I felt lighter and prettier ever since :)

  2. Hi bibzki! There are times when depression serves as a starting point of realizations. :) I am happy for both of us! Let's keep our weight! :)

  3. I used to weigh 140lbs at my heaviest! I lost a lot of pounds now. The feeling is just amazing! :-)

  4. I love your blog. Congrats on your weight loss! :)

  5. oh dear! i'm so underweight naman..heheh

    but you look fabulous losing weight

  6. Congrats on the weight loss, especially if you feel good but I have to say you looked healthier before :)

  7. ganun talaga ang families no? They prefer that we look chubbier.

    Anyhow, I like how you look now. You're thin, but you still look healthy, and you actually look younger now than how you were in college.

  8. great progress! I need to lose some weight too maybe i need to get into a fast phase environment.

  9. Wow! i love the transformation jes.... Sana magawa ko din yan!

  10. @Michelle - Yes! For me, I just don't feel light, I feel good about myself too!

    @Yumna - Thanks, babe! :)

    @DeBi - Sana I have your case. Sarap kumain!

    @Miss Bad - I feel awesome now that I am lighter. I look fresher before. My skin was glowing! :(

    @Rae - Naku, lalo na yung Papa ko. Lagi niyang sinasabi na, "Anak, magpataba ka na ulit." Tapos naiisip ko, "Hindi mo lang po alam kung gaano kahirap ang magpapayat ng ganto." Haha! :)

    @Rinz - You don't have to lose weight! You're body is perfect! :)

    @Sweethestia - Kaya mo rin yan! It's hard but you'll love the outcome! :)

  11. Great post! Thanks for the tips. I'm in the process of losing 4 more lbs. =) I see your filipino too! =D I'm Ilocano. I haven't been to the PI for 23 years... But anyways, Great blog. Now following. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


    *Check out my giveaway:

  12. @D. Sadie - Thank you! I followed you back. :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. this is inspiring! planning to get in shape before the end of this year. i do everything that you've mentioned except sports! haha! seseryosohin ko na ang badminton. any takers? :) new follower here! :)

  15. I have the same experience as yours. Love life problems caused Depression and losing of appetite. For 1 week, I was not able to eat then my weight suddenly dropped. Then bumalik na naman yung appetite ko pero medyo monitored na yung pagkain ko kasi may nasimulan na ko so I have to control myself from eating. Pag medyo nahihirapan ako magpigil, I drink dietary tablets. It works, pero I think hindi masyadong healthy yung pag lose ko ng weight. I don't do exercise kasi. Thanks for the tips! :)

  16. Wow, congrats girl! That is an amazing accomplishment :) Thank you so much for sharing your success with us. The tips are very helpful :)

  17. Great Post hun!:) Self motivation and discipline is the key to every success!:)

  18. Hi Jes, this is my first time to drop by in your blog. I saw your blog in TOP BLOG List as I exploring blogs. Well even if its my first time here I started liking your blog. We have the same stories, I also had a long time relationship as in 7 years of relationship but it ended up with nothing it cost me depression and anxiety, I also loss some weight but after a month I gain more. I will follow the list you did, I actually start drinking lots of fluid now. You really motivate me (actually the your pictures really add some inspiration). I start following your blog..you can follow me back if you like :)...
    Keep blogging :)
    Glenn of Gencified :)

  19. @shopgirl jen - Hi Jen! :) Badminton is fun! You won't even notice that you're losing weight because you'll enjoy it! :)

    @Em - I haven't tried drinking dietary tablets. Nasubukan kong mag-tea pero hindi ko gusto yung effect. I think, exercise is a must if you want to lose weight. It will make your muscles toned and fit. :)

    @Huda - You're welcome, dear! Thank you! :)

    @Aimee - Thanks! Determination and dedication are the keys! :)

    @Gen - Thank you! :) I followed you back! Let me know the results of your weight loss. I also gained weight at the start of my program but I think that was a part of it. Just don't stop and stay dedicated. :)


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