Stylish Blogger Award and Butterfly Award

Monday, June 27, 2011

First of all, thank you to Vian of The Queenvie Diary for the Stylish Blogger Award and, to Eunice of Laces and Tiaras and Rinz of Live, Love, Laugh! for the Butterfly Award. You girls are awesome!

Stylish Blogger Award
To accept this award, you have to post 7 facts about yourself and then, pass it on to 7 bloggers who deserve it!

Butterfly Award
Mention and link it back to the person who passed this to you, write about yourself and pass on to 7 people.

Since the rules are basically the same, I combined these awards in one post. Hitting two awards with one post! *laughs* 

7 Facts About ME
1. I am an only child of my mother and an only daughter of my father. -- I know that's crazy! I actually have 3 half brothers. Though we do not have the same mother, nothing changes the fact that we are still related and I love them so much!
2. I love Hello Kitty. -- I even want to go to Puroland in Japan just to see the Hello Kitty paradise!
3. My nails are my biggest insecurities. -- The skin around my nails are too dry that they tend to have wounds and cuts almost all the time.
4. I am allergic to the metal part at the back of the watches. -- My skin gets irritated to the metal part of the watches. That is the reason why I only have 2 watches to date - a Lego watch and a limited edition Swatch. Both look like toys.
5. I believe that I was a mermaid in my past life! -- I super love the water! :)
6. I am a product of a teenage love. -- My parents had me when they were only 15 (mother) and 16 (father).
7. I always think twice and read reviews before purchasing expensive make-up and skincare products. -- I am afraid that I'll end up regretting buying it because of its price.

I am passing these awards to the following beautiful people:
Glenn of Gencified
Tootsie Jean of Little Miss Brightside
Gellie of Kismet Happens

MakeUpLove and The Queenvie Diary are cooking up something for our followers. Stay tuned!

Please help me get more followers!:) I am also accepting requests for makeup tutorials. Weee!

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  1. Hi Jess Thank you very much for passing the awards for me, It really touch me :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  2. Congratulations!! =D

  3. Wow! Thank you for passing this award to me! :">

  4. Lots of awards Jes. =) I also read lots of reviews before splurging on a product. I've had too many experiences before of buying products which always end up unopened/unused. :|

  5. I was going to say luck you for being an only child but then I read on that you have 3 half-brothers. LOLOL!!!

    3 boys in the family... it must never get boring over there! LOL

  6. CONGRATS on the awards & glad to get to know you better :)
    Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

  7. @Michelle - Haha! I am lucky enough to be an only girl but to be more than 10 years older than them makes me want to be crazy! We have a crazy life!

    @Alicia - Thank you! I hope to get to know you more! :)

  8. Congratulations on the blogger award! It was lovely getting to know you better! Your parent were so young when they had you, its so sweet!

    I love the water too!

    Girl about Town XxX

  9. WOWWWWW! congratulations on the blogger award!
    and thank you so much for passing this award to me!! appreciate it a lot.
    i know i'm late.. been busy with my baby.. disrupted my whole two days. huhuhu.. thanks again jes!!! mmmuaaaaahhhhhh! love yah!


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