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Monday, June 27, 2011

I finally have the courage to make a page for MakeUpLove. Thank you, Vian! It took me a while to decide in making one since I don't think there will be people who'll 'like' my blog and my page. Anyways, I don't see any harm in trying so here it is!

Click the link to get to MakeUpLove's Facebook Page and please don't forget to hit 'Like'!

Thank you, everyone! Let's have a Facebook connection! :)


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  1. definitely like your page!
    more power to your blog!
    dont have yet the courage to create mine... huhuhu =(

  2. thanks for visiting my blog.. :)
    i've followed you and liked your fb page as well :)

  3. I like your page na Jes. You know what, i really love visiting your blog, because i adore those people who is writing about the things that they really really wanna do talaga. Especially you, panalo ka sa makeup applications, Love kapa ng camera :P Keep it up baka maging sikat ka narin tulad ng ibang blogger na ka kilala ko. Just Enjoy. Muah!

  4. @Diane - Thank you, Ms. Diane!

    @Aldelei - Hi! Thank you so much!

    @Michelle - Thanks, Mich!

    @Sweethestia - Thank you! *kilig* I love that there is someone who appreciates me and my blog. I, honestly, love what I do. Natatakot lang ako na baka hindi naman ako maka-inspire at magustuhan ng ibang tao. :) I somehow see and feel the acceptance. Lalo na kasi may mga tao na katulad mo. :) Salamat! Hug!


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