Swatch: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Knockout Pink

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy rainy Monday! I love this kind of weather, minus the flood...please! I hope and wish everyone is safe! The weather makes me want to stay in bed...for hours! My body keeps on getting back to bed. Oh lazy days are here! :)

I once said that I am a sucker for moisturizing lip products. My lips are VERY dry that it keeps on shedding. I also have to have a lip balm wherever I go or else I'll end up with bloody lips. Yes, my lips are THAT dry! So when I tried the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Heaven (I reviewed it here) and loved it, I have no choice but to get the other shades. I got the shade Knockout Pink because it looks gorgeous in the brochure. Also, I am recently sporting bold lips. :) This lipstick was in promo wherein you'll get a free Avon Solutions Refined White Makeup Base. 

It has almost the same packaging with the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick except that the latter came in a box.

I also just noticed that it has a sticker that tells when it was manufactured.

This is how it looks:

I still haven't used it yet because my lips are on its worst condition right now! :( I'll post a picture of this when applied on the lips.

  1. Knockout Pink appears to be more of a red than pink. The color depends on the natural color of the lips.
  2. Avon lipsticks tend to melt easily so make sure to keep this in a cool, dry place.
  3. I got this on sale for only P259.00 (~$5).

This is the free product you'll get for every purchase of the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick. I don't know if the promo still run so better check it with your Avon lady. :)

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  1. Hi, Michelle! It's a knockout! :)

  2. Can't wait to see it on your lips :)

  3. wow I almost forgot Avon existed!! I used to buy so much from them! This colour is gorgeous :)

  4. what a gorgeous shade of pink you have :) looks great

  5. the color is cute...

    and the promo has ended na ata...

  6. I have Knockout Pink, too! It's my new love actually. It looks really good on pictures. :)

  7. Wow I need to check Avon out again=) This is so pretty color.

  8. I've never bought from Avon. What a nice pretty bright pink shade. (: Looking forward to the lip swatch.

  9. Thanks for the info and great review. All I know is that you really have to try the lipstick in your lips because you might not get the color as expected. It depends on the acidity of your lips:)

  10. @Jackie - It's pretty! :)

    @Aya - I'll post a picture soon.

    @Chococcuro - Maybe it's about time you check Avon products...again. :)

    @DeBi - Sayang. But I believe, this line is still on sale. I'll check!

    @Yen - I love it too. :)

    @Marge - It's prettier on actual, Ms. Marge!

    @Emafe - Please post a picture of you wearing Avon products. :)

    @Tiffo - I haven't tried any of their products except their lipsticks. I love them!

    @SunnyToast - I agree! It's hard to choose the shade by only looking at the pictures in the brochure. Most of the time, the color shown is not the actual color of the lipstick.


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