Random 12: My Skincare Routine

Friday, July 08, 2011

Lately, many have been complementing how radiant my skin is and how glowing I look in pictures. Hi there, true friends! I often blame the foundation and the decent make-up application for giving a flawless mug in pictures. But recently, I noticed that changes really happened to my face. My face became smooth, less pores were seen, and there was lesser skin discoloration. And that made me think, what freakin' thing did I do to my skin to be this good? *conceit kicking-in*

These are the products that I am currently using on my face. These may not be as expensive like other products that assure good results, but these work like heaven for me. :)

1. Pond's White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Facial Foam - I saw this in our grocery supplies and just decided to use it. I am not after its whitening effects, I just find it to be a good everyday facial wash. I wash my  face with this 2 times a day - 1 in the morning and 1 before I hit the sack.

2. St. Ives' Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead ControlEvery girl should know that exfoliating about once a week is a MUST. I use this facial scrub every 2 days to scrub off the dead cells on my face. I am using this for more or less 5 years now and still, it has never failed me.

3. Eskinol Naturals Cucumber Facial Cleanser - My mother was the avid fan of this cleanser. She used this every single day of her life, if I remember it accurately. I feel that this cleanses my skin more than the only toner I tried, which was from Pond's. I am actually in a love-hate relationship with this product. I like it when I wear heavy make-up and see excess make-up on my cotton pad even after washing my face, and I hate it when I my face feels dry after using this. You don't get my point, right? Haha! Anyways, do you recommend something to try? I am more than willing to throw this out.

4. Moisturizers
a. Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 - I don't know where I got this, maybe from my Aunt's stocks. This is my everyday moisturizer, especially when I intend to stay home. This is very perfect for indoors because it has SPF 15 which will somehow protects my skin from UV rays given out by our indoor lighting.
 b. Olay Double Action Day Cream - This was sent  by my Aunt in Italy. It actually says Olaz  in its packaging. I don't understand what is written on it but one thing is sure, this works wonders on my skin. It feels heavy but no worries. 
c. Victoria Secret's Bare Bronze Daily Glow Moisturizer - My Papa sent this. I don't know where, why and how he got this but he definitely knows how kikay his only daughter is. I love that it brings a little bronze touch on my skin but I hate how it smells.
d. Clinique Superdefense SPF 25/PA +++ - I got this from AskMeWhat's Clinique Party. Nikki of AMW swore on Clinique's moisturizers. She said that the expensiveness of Clinique is worth it. I got a try of Clinique's DDML, and to tell you honestly, it had changed my skin that day dramatically even with just one trial. I am using this for a week now and I am loving it. I plan to save up to get this in full size.
5. Sunblocks
a.  Nivea Sun Immediate Protection Face Cream SPF 50 - This is a staple product in my kit if I'll stay out long under the sun. I love everything about this baby. It even saved my face from the heavy rays of the sun during my Ilocos trip.
b. Nivea Visage Sparkling White UV Blocker - This was part of my winnings from The Perpetrator's giveaway. I am starting to fall in love with this products though I have been only using this for only 2 days now. I love that it doesn't feel heavy at all.

These are the ONLY non-makeup products I use on my face. I am planning to get an eye cream and a night cream to see if it'll give my skin more drastic changes. You'll definitely see how tight my budget is. I am planning to save up to get GOOD skincare products. I need recommendations and suggestions.  :)

What is your skincare routine? :)

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  1. Hi jes, i awarded you, I guess this is your post for that?

  2. Spending on such expensive yet great products like Clinique is really worth it!I'm impressed with Clinique Youth Surge Night Age Decelarating Night Moisturizer.You may also try this girl:)

  3. i am in love with nivea sparkling white too! it's amazing and keeps my complexion really fair. :)


  4. This is a pretty decent routine. Not too expensive.

  5. I want to try the Clinique one! I stopped using the St. Ives apricot srub na. it broke me out after using for over a month.

  6. I use St.Ives scrub too. I loooove that my face feels really soft and smooth after every usage! :D

  7. I really want to try that st. ives scrub.

    i use the clinique anti blemish solutions 3 step, it is quite pricey, but it's worth it (:
    I also use the sigma cleansing & polishing tool with every cleanse


  8. hi love LOVE your blog soo cute.

    im defiantly following you.

    why not follow me?


  9. I used Clinique and abandoned! Now I need to get back to it. Thank for the info

  10. NICE BLOG & POST! :)


  11. very interesting beauty routine :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  12. buti ka pa, nagwork sa iyo ang nivea moisturizing immediate sunscreen. it was just too greasy on me LOL

  13. @King - Yeah, I read it. Thank you for the award, King! I forgot to tag people on this post. Well, yes this is my response to that. :)

    @Aimee - Thank you! I am planning to consult the Clinique specialists if I'll be getting a moisturizer. I have to get my money's worth. :)

    @Jenn - Really? I am not after its whitening effect, though. I am currently loving it too!

    @Rae - Thank you! I just have no budget for high end stuff. :)

    @Hollie - Clinique is good but super expensive. :)

    @Aya - I love that it lasts a long time! Yey!

    @Amy - Thanks, babe! I'll check out more of the Clinique products. :)

    @Lenara - Thank you! I will check out your blog! :)

    @Marge - I seldom use it, Ms. Marge, unless I'll be spending the day out. I just top it with powder to make it a little matte. :)

  14. id like to try st ives apricot scrub. id love to try everything here, except the eskinol maybe hehe.. i think you got a really healthy glowing skin and im glad you're very much willing to share how you maintain it (;

  15. @kayren - If I'll find a better alternative, I am also throwing the eskinol out of this routine. Hehe! If you have the budget, make sure to try out Clinique's skincare items. :)

  16. Love olay moisturizer! Your skin care routine is nice, definitely going to try some out :)

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  17. Hello - just read your post on your skin care routine. I am obsessed with skin care products and like you, I started out just using basic drugstore products which was fine. However, I understand what you mean by saving up to buy quality products. As I'm getting closer to 30, I've started investing more in my skin (especially treating any discoloration that I currently have and using more anti-aging products). I've found Estee Lauder products to be very helpful for my needs because they have the BEST serums to treat discolorations and prevent wrinkles.

    Anyhow, come check out my blog where I share my skin care regime and other beauty products:


  18. @Jessica-Marie - I'll definitely join your giveaway! :)

  19. @SweetAmbitions - Thank you for visiting my blog, babe! I will check out Estee's products but I am afraid it will be pricier than Clinique's. :)

  20. i must agree that St.Ives does its job. I recently discover this baby!


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