Review: ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance

When I was younger, I hated my cheekbones and my jaws too. They are very prominent and make me look fatter. I even thought that they add years to my looks since my laughlines are a bit emphasized by them when I smile.

Hi there, fat cheeks!
Now that I am a little older, others think that these apples actually look good. These people, whom have shown their envy of me, made me realized that I have no choice but to like what I have. Am I the only person disliking my very own cheekbones? Okay, okaaaaay! Since I clearly have no choice unless someone would invent a serum that would magically hide these, I am now finding ways to flaunt my dearest cheekbones. After all, I have read that women with high cheekbones are often considered beautiful. This knocked out my idea of disliking one feature that makes me look extra beautiful.

So I looked for ways to further enhance my beautiful feature. One way I found is highlighting! Highlighting is accentuating a feature by means of make-up. For features that you want to pop, you have to lighten the area up. Light shades of make-up are used to highlight features such as the forehead, cheekbones, chin, bridge of the nose, and the browbones. There are various products used for this trick -- powders, creams, and liquids. Since I am new with this enhancing method, I am starting with powders. The first victim is the ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance

I find the product name to be misleading. It says that it is a bronzing powder yet it works to highlight. Maybe it is just me, but I associate bronzing powders with contouring. I heard about this from Morbidfrank of A Beautiful Rhapsody. She wears it in almost of her looks and she also has a review of it that you can read here. This powder looks fabulous on her so I decided to try this out hoping that it will work for me too.

Highlighters are lighter than the skintone and are usually with shimmers that would attract light to the area. The ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance is a perfect complement for my not-so-dark skin. It is lighter but not too light that would make me look like a ghost, with protruded cheekbones. 
Please excuse my dirty nails.

I used this on my recent look, Smokey Cat Eyes. It may not be noticeable because of the lighting but this powder made a huge difference on my face. It lifted my cheekbones more and made my nose look extra thin. I believe the highlight will be much noticeable under flash photography.

ELF says:
A touch of sunshine to warm up every complexion with its soft and silky texture for a beautiful and natural glow.
Directions (from ELF):
Using an e.l.f. Professional Blush Brush, lightly brush over powder, tapping off any excess. Apply to cheeks and across bridge of nose and forehead. Blend with Total Face Brush to insure seamless application.
Price: Php129.75 (~$3)

What I like:
  • Inexpensive -- In the US, this products is sold for only a dollar. But at Php 129.75, it is still very affordable compared to other imported cosmetics sold here.
  • Available at ELF counters in Watsons and other department stores
  • Available in other shades: Sun Kissed and Warm Tan -- Both shades are on a darker tone which I think are the 'real' bronzing powders.
  • Has no allergic reactions
  • The shimmer it has is not too overwhelming.
  • Simple packaging, fits my kit just right.

What I don't like:
  • Packaging is made of cheap plastic. -- It has a huge tendency of breaking. 
  • I hate the back part of it. It shows the adhesive.
  • Has no mirror -- Not much of a problem, though. I always bring my ever reliable compact mirror.
  • Does not last long -- It is somehow fine if you have enough time to reapply.
Will I repurchase?

Now that I am starting to LOVE my cheekbones, I am planning to try out other highlighting products like lighter shades of foundations and concealers. 
  1. For me, it is better applied with an angled blush brush.
  2. Place highlighter on the top part of the cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, and forehead.
  3. Blend thoroughly to avoid distinct lines in between the blush and the highlighter.
  4. Highlighting works best if done side by side with contouring.
For more information about the product, check out ELF's local website at

To the people who appreciate my cheekbones, thank you from my cheekbones. Because of you, I start to fall in love with the feature that makes me beautiful. :)

Do you highlight your best facial feature? What product do you use?

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  1. You have beautiful cheekbones! It makes you look younger. I wish I had cheekbones. :)) Thanks for this review, I never knew e.l.f. had highlighters. I got mine from Etude House, but I will check this out soon! :)

  2. I agree with Helen! you have a beautiful cheekbones! and you are beautiful inside and out! haven't met you but i can feel- you're one of the sweetest, humblest... kind-hearted beauty blogger! mmuaaaah!
    Elf is a nice brand, they really have quality products!

  3. I tell you sis, mga ma cheekbone maganda lagyan ng make-up. Ako nga namis na ung cheekbone ko natabunan na ng taba ko.. :P Alam mo love ko narin ang ELF products maganda kasi at its cheap. I will surely gonna buy this one. Thanks for the review sissy.

  4. It looks suuuper pretty on you!!!!! :-)

  5. ...and when you get older, high cheekbones can actually make you look younger. Look at cristina aguilera's makeup in burlesque, she looks so young in that movie, and one thing i noticed--they highlighted her cheekbones.

    i've read some makeup artist books saying don't blush on the apples of the cheeks while smiling, coz when you're no longer smiling, the blush goes down-dragging your face down.

  6. Add ko na rin na you have beautiful glowing skin :P Lovet.

  7. you have beautiful cheekbone! i love highlighting the bridge of my nose and my brow bone. would want to try this product since i'm using a shimmery white eyeshadow for highlights and elf products are really affordable! :D

    much love,

  8. I agree with what others said about your cheekbones. :) Just treat this baby with extra care. I remember I had Sun Kissed 2 years ago and it broke on its own. And it was just sitting pretty somewhere. :D

  9. Just tagged you for best blog award :)
    go to my blog to look at rules and stuff :)

  10. My cheeks are just like yours ;D actually, make up teachers taught to hide them with a bit of terracota powder..

  11. i hated my prominent cheeks when i ws in elementary and highshool. my classmates always squeeze my cheeks. but now, i am very thankful of having those because i realized its one of my best features.

    i also have this highlighting powder from elf and indeed it works like wonder.

  12. @Helen - Thank you! I never knew how my cheekbones could change my look. I also want to try the highlighters from Etude House. :) I just find the shimmers a bit overwhelming.

    @Diane - Thank you, Ms. Diane! I hope to meet you soon! :) I super love ELF. How I wish they are also sold for only $1 here in the Philippines.

    @Sweethestia - Awwww. Ayan, napaibig na naman ako sa cheekbones ko. Hehe! Naku, contour lang ang katapat nyan para makita ulit ang cheekbones.

    @Michelle - Thanks! :)

    @Rae - Thank you! I should really invest in good highlighters. I still want to look 25 even if I'm already 50. Hehe!

    @Pammy - I think this powder will later on break on its own too. Thank you! :)

    @Marla - Thank you so much! :)

    @Miss Bad - I haven't heard of terracota powder. I will research on that. But I am currently loving my cheekbones so hiding it is not on my priorities. :)

    @King - Yey to our cheekbones! :)

  13. wow that highlight is gorgeous!!

    I have cheekbones just like yours. I always hated them, I thought they made me look really fat! Haha. But lately I've appreciated them more, apparently it is considered pretty!

  14. another item to be added on my to buy list! lol... looks gawgus! I like the fact the it's doesn't come out overwhelming, it's very subtle. will try this out fo sho! thanks for sharing.

  15. But you look gorgeous with those cheekbones, sis! :) And you make me wanna get that elf bronzer..heehee :D

  16. Cheekbones for the win! Ako naman I used to gate my nose a lot. :P Here's to appreciating what God, (and Mom and Pop) gave us! :D

  17. oops, hate not gate. ;P

  18. hi jes, that's for sure! would love to meet you din sweety!

    btw sissy, Congratulations!
    You've been tagged--the Top 10 Blog Award, skincare edition!
    Please check the link:

    and just call me Diane! x0x0x0

  19. @Gellie - Please tell me what are your thoughts about this and other ELF products, ha? I would love to get more of their items. :)

  20. @Vicky - Oh, we have the same sentiments over our cheekbones. :)

    @Hollie - You're very welcome! :)

    @Charlene - Awwww! Thank you! :)

    @Janinay - I just learned that we don't have to hate what we don't like about ourselves. We just have to find ways on how to make them extra pretty for us to like them. Hehe! Cheers!

    @Diane - Okay, Diane! Pero hindi ako sanay. I love to put 'Miss' to names of persons that I look up to. But I'll try! :) Thank you for the tag!

  21. In my younger years since I was really a fat pig...haha I dreamed to have that cheekbones and as time goes or I guess as I get older it start showing and alot of people are telling me you got a good one then I start using bronzer to enhance and emphasize.. ma arte lang tlga...hahaha..before penshoppe has a great one but to bad no longer available and today I'm so happy that both of us using the same bronzer from elf thou I have one alternative from bodyshop the special edition bronzer:)

    I really love bronzer effect it gives healthy glow:)

    happy blogging:)

  22. Yay, finally great review! Always when I want to order it, it's out of stock grrr :)
    I hate the packaging, i really do. But I don't mind it. I wanna try it so hard :)

    Check out this site / blog where you can win Sigma, Iphone...

  23. it looks really pretty on you! and I think you got nice cheek bones and jaws personally :D

  24. @SunnyToast - I think I have the Penshoppe bronzer. Kaso nasira na yung packaging. I find it's shimmers too overwhelming so I only use during night thingies. :) Thanks, Sunny! :)

    @Melody - Thank you! I'll check out your giveaway!

    @Pop - Thank you, doll! :)

  25. your cheekbones are stunning, the highlight really gives you a nice glow.

    i use the MAC cream colour base in hush, its more of just a glow than shimmer because I don't want shimmery pimples, cuz my skin's annoying.

    but other fantastic highlighters ive tried are benefit high beam and MAC mineralize skin finishes.

  26. Your cheekbones are really beautiful and they always are! They're a elegant and attractive feature, ;)

    I like your blog, so I'm following, :)


  27. Hi Jes! I love the highlighter on you, it emphasizes your cheeks and you just look soo pretty with it on! I think I'll be purchasing this sometime soon! Soo inexpensive, for something that works. Thanks for the review! -Mar

  28. @Amy - I also want to try the Benefit High Beam but it's too expensive here in the Philippines. I hope someone in the US will send me a sample of that. Hehe. :)

    @eS - Thank you, babe! I am definitely following you back. :)

    @Catmare - Thank youuuu! :)

    @Mar - Thank you for visiting, Mar! ELF has a lot of good products. Try them! :)

  29. Cheekbones=Very Sexy!! Thanks for reviewing this! It's great to find inexpensive products noh? Btw, thanks for the visit to my site I discovered your blog! I'm following! =D


  30. awww elf, it's just love ;-)

  31. @Tracie - Thank you so much! You're blog is awesome. :)

    @Marge - Oh yeah! :)

  32. i love that awesome smile! (; you are so good at make up experimentation! i really have to get some tips from you because i suck at makeup application.

    your new follower, i hope you visit back. (;

  33. @Kayren - Hi, Kayren! Thank you for visiting! I'll definitely check out your site. :)


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