Review: Beauty Touch Lipstick in Matte Coral Reef

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are we still on the orange craze? I am hoping a 'yes' for an answer because I just got my very first coral/orange lipstick. I never planned to try and eventually get one. I actually let the Etude House sale pass without checking out their Tangerine line. I don't think orange-toned lipsticks, if not all orange-toned makeup, would look good on my gorgeously tanned skin. *ehem*

Enter my friend E, who has all the knowledge about sales in her direct-selling business. She showed me the latest sale items in her Tupperware brochure. Oh yes, it's the same Tupperware that we grew up with. They now have different products under their brand! Of course, my eyes were hooked on the huge sale on cosmetics, especially lipsticks. It was an unbelievable sale which lead me to think that those lipsticks may be nearing expiration. But that didn't stop me to order some to try and add up to my stash. The price-drop was an irresistible one. I initially ordered about 10 lipsticks but only 4 reached my hands. One of my newest babies is the Beauty Touch Lipstick in Matte Coral Reef.

I got this for only Php89.00 (~$1.5) , a huge drop from its original price of Php265.00. Nothing to expect with its packaging. It was just a simple blue tube with a clear top for a view of what's inside. I love that idea because you don't have to read the label just to get the lipstick you want to use. 

I was intimidated the first time I saw this on actual. I was expecting it to be less orange. "Will this look good on me?", was the question bugging me. I actually thought of people who'll love to get this in case it won't work for me. I have to get this baby a good home if I'll end up not liking it.

First impression does not last, for me at least, so I still gave this a chance to prove itself. I swatched it and it looks like this,

Would you agree with me if I say that this looks pretty? This does not looks alarming at all. I actually received so many complements when I first used this in my class. Yeah, I conquered my fear of wearing orange. Thank goodness that I did not let my initial thoughts ruin the relationship we now have!

Beauty Touch says:
Fruit-scented lip color in vibrant shades. Enriched with moisturizers to soften lips, smoothen lines and prevent chapping.
To use: Apply color. Wait five minutes for color to set.
Caution: Oily food will rub off color. 

What I like about it:
  • Inexpensive -- Got this on sale. Still affordable if sold at its original price, though.
  • Moisturizing for a matte lipstick -- I don't have to wear a lipbalm under it. It also keeps my lips moist and free from chapping.
  • I love the fruity scent! -- It is not annoying, at all.
  • No weird taste
  • No allergic reactions
  • Pigmented - One swipe is all it takes!
  • Stays on my lips for a good 3 hours.
  • The clear top of the packaging shows the lipstick -- No need for reading the labels! 
  • Available through direct-selling

What I don't like about it:
  • The packaging is made of cheap plastic. -- That is what you get for its price.
  • Since its on sale, other shades are no longer available. -- And that is the saddest news!
  • It was manufactured in June 2009! -- I only have a little time left to spend with it!

Will I repurchase?
YES, if this line will still be available in the upcoming brochures. I believe it was on sale because it'll be discontinued. :( 

  1. Since its a bold color, I tone down the eye make-up to not be overpowering. Looks best with a simple eyeliner look. Tried and tested!
  2. Though not needed, I still use a lip balm under it to make sure that my lips will stay moist.
  3. Reapplication is needed after about 2-3 hours, especially if you have a habit of rubbing your lips together. Guilty as charged!
  4. Some say the expiration of lipsticks is 1-2 years while others say its 4 years. The only clue I use is the smell. If it still does not smell weird or spoiled, then it still good to go.
  5. To make the color last longer, you may opt to line the lips first with a lipliner.
  6. Color may vary depending of the natural color of the lips.
If you want to try this line, or any other items being sold on sale, contact your Tupperware dealer now. The sale is up until July 31, 2011. If you don't know someone that direct sells Tupperware items, please free to send me an email or comment below. I'll introduce you to my friend E. :)
You love sales, don't you? :)

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