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Thursday, August 18, 2011

You may now start throwing me questions like "Where the F have you been?", and "What the H happened to MakeUpLove?" I am wholeheartedly ready to answer whatever questions! I know I have been MIA for what, 8 days...straight! What to blame? My crazy schedule and work stuff. Yes, I am filled with work that I hardly find time to sleep. And just when I was able to sneak a couple of hours, our internet connection had its moment. It was out for 3 days without anything heard from the company. Great, noh? Anyways, I am trying to move on and pick-up slowly. What did I miss? I know you won't mind me saying, I'M BAAAAACK!!!

Crazy it may seems, but I am overly out of focus these past days. Work, house's construction, financial problems, and everything else were all over me. As in ALL OVER ME! But there is one thing that never fails to put a smile on my face. And that is CUTIE PATOOTIE STUFF! I love cute things. I don't care if its useless, if its cute, I'll get it. :)

It was last July 9 when I found out that I won MissKatV's 700+ Followers Giveaway featuring YummyCharm items. I totally went giddy in checking what to get. Hey, I won 1000 worth of items so I had all the reasons to go gaga! Everything is so cute that I had the hardest time to finalize what shall complete my winnings. And these are the items I got and truly adore!
 8 pairs of earrings (piggy, panda, rainbow, cupcake, poring, fries, pacman and frappe)
2 vintage necklaces (owl and jewels)

The earrings were made from molded clay. Creativeness to the nth level! I don't exactly know why I am not a fan of accessories. Maybe because I get irritated by its presence. But to tell you honestly, the cuteness of these YummyCharm items make me want to accessorize almost all the time. Want a closer view of my lovelies? Here!

The Pacman was the first pair I used. I love how they are not similar yet appear to be a pair. I remember the first time I used this, I got so many stares from people trying to figure out why I wore a different piece in each of my ears. Haha!

I am yet to find the best place and time to wear these Frappe and Fries earrings. Why not in Starbucks and McDonalds? :)

I got the Poring and Cupcake earrings for my beautiful goddaughters. I know they'll love it or should I say, their mothers would love it more? Please don't tell them I got to try these first, huh?

 These are the cutest things to wear on your ears! Meet my 'pets' -- Piggy and Panda!

 I haven't got a chance to wear this Rainbow earrings but I know this is perfect for everyday use! There's a rainbow always after a rain. :)

I got 2 awesome vintage necklaces, the Owl and the Jewels. I don't like the clingy feeling of necklaces but I get consistent compliments whenever I wear these two, so why should I be bothered with irritability? Tiis-ganda!

Did I mention that I super love this Owl necklace that I got a matching connector ring to pair it with? Here it is:

This is how my babies are kept!

I so love these pieces that I am planning to get more! YummyCharm is now known as Tinypinkbow. Same owner, same cuteness and awesomeness! Check their website for the list of items. :) Be sure to have a hand on these stuff. You'll not regret it! I forgot to say that these are all budget-friendly!

Thank you, MissKatV! I love every little piece you made! You are one great creative genius! :)

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