Review: GoNaturals Lip Sugar Scrub

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. I just had a super busy one! I am praying for an extra hour on top of our normal 24 hours a day to squeeze in my blog. Waaaah! Don't worry, I am finding all the possible ways to blog though busy with work stuff. Anyways, how do you post a blog through a mobile device (i.e. iTouch)?

Last Thursday, I got so lucky to visit a mall. With my current schedule, going to the mall is such a pleasure. I had no intentions of buying anything except the things I need but when I saw the GoNaturals Lip Sugar Scrub being cradled in a rack, my inner self forced my hands to get this.

Dry and chapped lips has been my problem since my beauty world began. Good thing lip balms were invented, I have an immediate but short-term remedy to my problem. Many have said that I should try exfoliating my lips often so it don't get that dry-looking. I wanted to try a do-it-yourself-and-at-home scrub but legit honey is way too over my budget. So, I settled with the toothbrush method. What I do is to softly brush my lips with a toddler's toothbrush. The soft bristles will get rid of the dry layer of the lips. But this method is sometimes painful and the toothbrush does not get into the tiniest crevices on my lips. When I saw It's Judy Time's blogpost about the Senna Cosmetics Sugar Lip Scrub, I just told myself that I have to have this kind of product. Senna Cosmetics is not available locally and I don't know any brands that offer lip scrubs so I had no choice but to still use a lip balm almost every minute and peel off the dry skin until my lips get all bloody. Yes, it happens all the freaking time! :|

I got this GoNaturals Lip Scrub in Robinson's Department Store for only Php45.00 (~$1). It has 4 grams of product and being organic is a huge plus! I never thought twice in getting this, after all, it won't cause a huge heartbreak in case it doesn't work.

It looks like a simple red-colored lip tint in its pot. I tell you, it smells super yummy! I want to eat it! Haha! I enjoyed the ME time when I was scrubbing my lips with this. But do you want to know if this worked on me? See the pictures below.

Normally, this is how my lips look with no lip balm or any lip product. Super dry! 

But after about a minute of scrubbing, my lips looked like this. Better, right?

GoNaturals says:
GoNaturals Lip Sugar Scrub is enriched with plant botanicals that help exfoliate dry, flaky and chapped lips.
Directions for use: Dab a pea-size amount on lips and leave it for a minute. Gently rub it back and forth with a wet washcloth or your finger. Rinse properly with cold water.

What I like about this product:
  • Inexpensive -- You get 4 grams of product for only Php45.00 (~$1)!  
  • Worked decently on my lips -- You may have noticed that it got rid of the dry layer.
  • Smells super good!
  • I didn't feel any kind of pain when I was scrubbing my lips
  • The scrub particles were soft on the lips but did its job perfectly!
  • My lips felt moisturized after scrubbing.
  • The packaging has a printed date of manufacture.

  • Its organic! -- The brand name says so! :)
  • Available in Robinson's Department Stores.

What I don't like about this product:
  • It has no ingredients printed on its packaging. -- Though the brands says it is 'natural' (GoNaturals), an assurance with the ingredients would be awesome.
  • Not sealed properly. -- The picture below shows that it is only sealed with a small tape with "Do not accept if the seal is broken" printed on it.
  • The lid of the packaging does not close tightly. -- It has a tendency to accidentally open when placed inside the kit.
  • I am not a fan of a dip-your-finger-into-the-product type of packaging.
  • I have only seen this in Robinson's Departments Store.

Will I repurchase?
YES! :)

  1. I use a spatula (a popsicle stick, actually) to pick up product. I find it unhygienic to use my fingers especially if I'll be sharing this with others, which, by the way, is beyond impossible.
  2. I don't know if it is advisable to scrub the lips often but I plan to use this 2-3 times a week. I have a severe case of dry and flaky lips!
  3. A pea-size amount may not be enough to scrub off all the dryness so feel free to add more if needed.
  4. It would be perfect if the brand will print the ingredients used on its packaging to know if its really natural and safe when accidentally placed inside the mouth. I wanted to taste it, honestly!
  5. Since it is, more or less, organic, it is safe to consume the product before 12 months after opening. Also, keep it away from direct light and sunlight. These are printed on the packaging! :)

I am loving this product because it somehow helps me get rid of my lips' dryness. Nevertheless, I still use a lip balm regularly. It may not be totally plump and smooth, but my lips are no longer THAT dry. :) I pray for less bloody lips moments. Haha!
Do you scrub your lips?