Random 16: Wedge

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I recently purchased a wedge from a MSE dealer friend. MSE stands for Marikina Shoe Exchange, for those who don't know. And being a resident of the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, I think I should support everything the locals has to offer. :)

I have huge feet for my height. That is the reason why I usually have the hardest time purchasing footwear without fitting. I hesitated to get this pair since I won't get to fit it unless I order it. But I couldn't resist its beauty so I gave in. I ordered it with the hopes that it would perfectly fit me. My feet is normally sized 9 or 10, depending on the type. I told you, it's huge! Following the rule that you should get one size smaller for heeled footwear, I got it in size 8.

I love its simplicity. It would go well with anything! I could dress up a casual outfit or dress down an elegant dress with this pair. Its tan color make me look way lighter than my normal skin tone. And at 3.5", I feel sexy! :)

I gave this a try last Sunday. I ran some errands and went into different places. I even walked from Robinson's Galleria to Megamall with it. I tell you, this pair is such a comfortable one! I love it to bits!!! Be ready to see me wearing this often! :)

I am wanting more wedges and more shoes, actually! Can you recommend some brands or local shops/sellers that sell cute, sexy, and inexpensive shoes, boots, sandals, and wedges, please comment below. :) Thank you in advance!


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  1. Love the wedge u got!! Perfect for Summer all year long :)


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