Random 17: Blogger App, Nails of the Week, and Look [Teaser]

I was looking for an iTouch application that would make me post whenever and wherever (as long as there is wifi) through my mobile device when DGSBeauty posted via instagram a photo of the new Blogger app. I downloaded it at instant and hurray because it's FREE! And so, this is my first post using the app. ;)

First thing to share is this nails I have for the week. I just made a simple frenchtip and put elegant-looking nail stickers on top. I am not creative in terms of drawing, thus, nail stickers are huge help whenever I want some kickin' design on my nails.

And lastly, here is a teaser photo for my look I am soon be posting. What should I name it? Hmmmm... Stay tuned! ;)

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