First Impression: Colour Collection Glam Edition Metallic Lipstick in Golden Goddess

Last Friday, I posted MakeUpLOve Reads: How To Determine Your Skin Tone. It was quite helpful for me since I don't know what my skin's undertone is. I juts found out that I am under the warm category. One of the ways to know the skin's undertone is via observing if a person looks good in rich colors or in earthy colors. I never believe in that test since I don't personally see in which color do I look good. Based on the test, those under the warm category look good in earthy colors like mocha, gold, orange, and peach. Of all the colors, it's gold that I haven't had a chance to wear or at least try wearing. The change will start first with makeup, of course!

I saw this Colour Collection Glam Edition Metallic Lipstick in Golden Goddess in the sale brochure of Tupperware last month and was captivated by its beauty! This was the first one that got into my list. But since I received it days after I ordered it, I never took it out its packaging until last week. Yes, it took me a month to finally try it. No reasons except I don't know when and where to wear this fabulous thing. The name Golden Goddess is quite intimidating. How can I rock a gold lipstick? In what kind of look does a gold lipstick go well? That is quite interesting to find out.

It is not the kind of gold I expected it to be though it has gold dusts in it. It is more on the browny-orangey-bronzy side of gold.

The things is, I opened it and swatched it on my hand but never tried it on my lips. I plan to wear this Thursday when I go out with my friends. I am excited to know their reactions on this lipstick. Will they love it on me? Let's see. On Friday, I'll be posting a thorough review of this product and a decent picture of a swatch on my lips.