Review: [LIP] Smooth Color Bloom - Color Changing Lip Balm

When my friend and I were talking the other day, she suddenly screamed saying, "Dumudugo! (It's bleeding!)" while pointing at my lips. My lips are so dry that it bleeds with just a slight stretch while either talking or laughing. The incident freaked her out but for me, it was nothing but usual. I am so used to my dry lips which will later on bleed. Thank goodness for lip balms! More thanks for the tinted lip balms! 

Lately, I am loving tinted lip balms so much that I wear them more frequent than regular lipsticks. It relieves my dry lips while giving a hint of color. Pammy of J' Adore Rougit suggested that I should try the Maybelline Smooth Color Bloom because it works good on her. And because I hate the GoNaturals Lip Replenishing Balm (which I reviewed HERE), I got myself the Maybelline [LIP] Smooth Color Bloom Color Changing Lip Balm in Pink Blossom.

I got the shade Pink Blossom because pink is easier for me to pull off. Each lip balm is sold at Php99.00.

Unlike other tinted lip balms, this appears white on the tube and changes color only when applied to lips. Hence, the color may differ from one lips to another.

To test the powers of this lip balm, I waited for the moment that my lips were ridiculously dry and looked like this:

I applied good swipes of the Maybelline [LIP] Smooth Color Bloom Color Changing Lip Balm and my lips magically looked like this:

Cool, isn't?

Maybelline [LIP] Smooth Color Bloom Color Changing Lip Balm says:
 Discover creamy white balm that blossoms on contact with lips to create your own made to measure sensationally sheer pink color. Lips look instantly revived, fresh and so healthy! Enriched with pro Vitamin E, known as natural antioxidant, and Jojoba Oil, lips are constantly nourished making them so soft, smooth and naturally gorgeous.
To use: Apply daily on lips.

What I LIKE about this product:
  • Inexpensive -- Only Php99.00 for 1.7g of product.
  • Keeps my lips moisturized for hours
  • Gives my lips a natural pink color
  • Cute packaging -- Not like the usual lip balm packaging.
  • The cap locks well. -- No need to worry for it to accidentally open inside the purse.
  • Smells and tastes like candy 
  • Not sticky
  • Has SPF 16 and Vitamin E
  • Available at Maybelline counter in department stores, Watsons and some drugstores

What I DON'T LIKE about this product:
  • None actually but others may still find the consistency a bit sticky
Will I repurchase?
YES! Is it normal if I want to get the other shades available?
  1. Regularly apply lip balms to relieve dry and chapping lips.
  2. Make sure to apply a lip balm prior to lipstick application for better lip texture.
  3. Tinted lip balms may alter the color of the lipstick when used prior lipstick application. To avoid, make sure to just use a clear lip balm under lipsticks.
And yes, Pammy's right! The Maybelline [LIP] Smooth Color Bloom works good! :) I am using mine religiously everyday!