Look: Divine Lee Inspired Makeup

Hail to the Queen...Becky! 

I love everything about Divine Lee. She is smart and continuously fights for equality. I love how she manages her life, from her career to parties. I love how she dresses up and how she puts on her own makeup most of the time. I love how normal she is despite everything she has proven and has achieved. I love her without any doubt!

Many said that I sometimes look like her which I, myself, don't see. Anyways, I want to give all my praises to the queen through an inspired makeup look. I did her signature eyebrows (kilay power!), neutral eye makeup and peach-colored lips. (Reference photo HERE).

Note:  This is only an inspired makeup look. I am not saying that I look like her.

1. Put on foundation and concealer. Set with powder. 
2. Redefine eyebrows. -- Divine Lee has very defined eyebrow arches. I also made my brows darker, almost the same shade as the ones Divine has in the reference photo.

3. Prime lids. -- A primer will make the eye makeup last longer.

4. Apply a shimmering white highlight.

5. Define the crease area with a brown eyeshadow.

6. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow on the outer V to intensify the shape. Blend to avoid harsh edges.

7. Pat on a bronze eyeshadow on the middle portion of the lid.

8. Highlight the inner part of the eyes with a light gold eyeshadow.

9. Line the lower lash line with the bronze eyeshadow on the inner half and the dark brown eyeshadow on the outer half. Line the waterline with a bronze eyeliner.

10. Line the eyes with a black gel liner.

11. Curl lashes and apply mascara. 

12. Optional: Put on false eyelashes. -- On the reference photo, Divine Lee has thick and voluminous eyelashes. I cut the wispy part of  my false eyelashes to make it appear fuller.

13. Apply a peach blush and peach lipstick. 


I don't actually know if I was successful in achieving Divine Lee's makeup look, but anyhow, I find this look sexy and perfect for any occasion.

Edited in Instagram

Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Golden
Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer in Pure Beige
Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Oriental
Careline Blush in Peach Glow

ELF Eyebrow Kit in Dark
Ever Bilena Ever Original Eyeliner in Black
Beauty Treats Eyeshadow Palette
Almay Intense i-color in Brown Topaz
Fanny Serrano Gel Liner in Black
Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara in Very Black

Avon Moisture Rich Lipstick in Silky Peach

I am yet to do another Divine Lee inspired makeup look, something that has color in it. Also, I am accepting suggestions and requests for inspired makeup looks. Just let me know! :)

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