Island Basics Minty Ginger Balm

When I was terribly sick a couple of weeks back, the only thing I want to be beside me all the time, aside from a glass of water, was a medicated balm. I wanted it to be within my reach whenever a severe migraine his me or just when I feel my nose is clogged. I don't know why and how but it gives me the relief I want!

During those weeks of sickness, our household ran out of our usual vapor rub. Even if I could hardly get out of bed and think normal, I managed to remember that I have the Island Basics Minty Ginger Balm in my stash. So I got up and turned the cabinet upside down until this bad boy went out to show itself.

Island Basics Minty Ginger Balm:
Relieves headache, colds, and cough. Massage onto temples, chest and back. Relieves mild stomach cramps when massaged to the abdomen.

I am not comfortable rubbing the usual vapor rub on my chest and back because it tends to give off intolerable heat after minutes of application. Without doubt, it gives relief but how can a sick person revive himself if he's bearing with a hot rub? Because I was in desperate need of relief, I rubbed the Minty Ginger Balm on my chest and back hoping it would give off the same heat as the usual vapor rub do. But no, I was wrong! It gives of heat but a tolerable one. I was able to get the much needed sleep without worrying that I'll be waking up with a burning chest and back. 

I am also in love with its minty ginger smell! The scent won't drive people away from you. It is not as intense like others. Oh, was I able to say that the Island Basics Minty Ginger Balm costs less than the usual vapor rub? It is priced at only Php130.00 for a 40 grams of product.

The only downside of this product though, is that it gets into the insides of the fingernails. I am not fan of dip-your-finger-into-the-pan type of packaging. Ladies who like to grow their nails long will definitely see this as a con. Better if there's a spatula to scoop out the product out of the pan. 

Given all these, I can say that I am loving this Minty Ginger Balm from Island Basics. It is now a part of my bag to take care of my out-of-the-blue headache and allergic attacks. 

For more information of Island Basics, visit their website and like them on Facebook: Island Basics Philippines.

Aside from the goodness of the products, there is a lot to love about Island Basics. One of which is their advocacy. Island Basics will be giving away one peso (Php1.00) per item sold to the "Piso para sa KMBI" project.

Beauty with a conscience
With a growing awareness to battle climate change and need to educate more people  on the impact of human consumption, Island Basics and KMBI partners to help the environment.
From November 2011 until January 2012, Island Basics will be giving away one peso per item sold to the "Piso para sa KMBI" project. This donation will help KMBI fund environmental initiatives already started by KMBI members.
Projects already undertaken include river clean-ups, urban gardening, recycling, clean up drives, waterways de-clogging, tree and mangrove planting.
NOTE: Product was given by the company for review. All views and opinions are owned by the bloggers and are never influenced in whatever ways.

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