Review: Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

Ever since I had my brow done, I want it to look groomed and neat. I can leave the house and strut wherever with just concealed undereye circles, redefined brows and tinted puckers. Actually, redefining my brows takes 40% of my everyday makeup routine. I am obsessed with my brows that I am always on the hunt of a good eyebrow pencil and/or powder/kit. Currently, I am using and quite satisfied with my in2it eyebrow pencil in dark brown (whenever I am in a hurry) and my ELF eyebrow kit in dark but when I saw the Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in the loot my father sent me, I know I should give it a try.

I got the shade Ash Brown, which I think is the only shade available. The kits includes a mini tweezer, a mini slanted eyebrow brush, a brow gel, and 2 shades of powder (light and dark brown). 

This kit is great for travelling and on-the-go touch-ups because it has everything (for me, at least) you need for the eyebrows. I love that it has a mirror, big enough to see the eyebrows you're redefining.

Unlike my ELF Eyebrow Kit (which has a colored gel and a powder), the Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit has white/uncolored gel and 2 shades of eyebrow powder. The lighter shade of brown is perfect for everyday and toned down looks while the darker one is great when doing strong eyebrows. Both shades can be mixed to achieve the perfect shade that'll match the hair color.

Swatches were done with only 1 swipe.

I am using this eyebrow kit for days now and I am amazed by its pigmentation and staying power. But since I dyed my hair lighter than my normal hair color, I feel that this (even the lighter shade) is still too dark for me. 

Tutorial for this look will be up next! :)

Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit:
Mini brow salon in a handy, purse-friendly compact with all the essential tools to shape, smooth, define, and maintain perfect brows. This five-piece set includes a soft wax that shapes brows, two setting powders for definition, a hard angle brush for easy application, and a mini tweezers for stray hairs.
Application Tips: 1. (tweeze) Remove any stray hairs from above or below brow. 2. (define) Fill in eyebrows with one or both Brow Powders to match hair color. 3. (hold) Apply Brow Gel in an upward direction to keep brows in place. 

What I LIKE about it:
  • Got it for free! -- My Papa sent this to me from the US. I believe this is locally sold at Php399.00 in all Wet n' Wild stalls.
  • It has ALL the essential tools for the eyebrows. -- tweezers, slanted brush, gel and powder/s.
  • The eyebrow powders are very pigmented! -- A little amount goes a long way!
  • No red tints on the powders
  • It has a mirror.
  • Great for travelling!
  • Fits in my kit perfectly
  • The brush works good.
  • Stays on for a long time! -- No need for touch-ups unless you accidentally scratched your eyebrows and took the product off.
  • Locally available in Watsons, SM Department Stores, eBay and some online sellers. -- I heard this is cheaper in eBay.

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Available only in 1 shade -- Ash Brown is perfect for those with dark hair but will look too dark for those with lighter hair.
  • The brush and tweezers are too small for my huge hands. -- These tools tend to always slip off my hands whenever I use them.
  • The shade is dark for me, now that I have light-colored hair.
  • The tweezers don't work.
  • The gel/wax tends to wash away the color when put on top of the powder.

Will I repurchase?
YES but not until I finish this up or I dye my hair dark again. If ever I'll find something that would match my current hair color, I'll give this away or just keep it for future use.

  1. I use the Marrionaud angle/slanted brush whenever I do my brows. It fits my hand and it has a spooly on one end.
  2. Because the powder is very pigmented, apply it with light hands.
  3. Use small feathery strokes when applying the powder for a more natural look.
  4. I use a spooly to make the color a tad lighter to match my current hair color.

If only I did not dye my hair lighter, this eyebrow kit would be a gem. I hope Wet n' Wild will have something with lighter shades of powders for us with light-colored hair. I am planning to get an eyebrow pencil from Etude House or Tony Moly. I heard it's good and is available in light brown. :)

What eyebrow pencil/kit do you use?

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  1. So I know this post is super old but it came up from google when I searched this eyebrow kit. I just bought this at a discount store for $2.49. I decided to google it when I got home and I'm so pleased to hear great things about this. Playing around with it has left a great experience for me and I cannot wait to use this for my everyday look. Eyebrows are important. They frame your entire face, and when wearing glasses, people especially notice your brows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my post! :)