For the Stylish Chic: Alcatel One Touch Glam 810D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey girls, for only Php3,999.00, you can look extra stylish and chic with the new 
Alcatel One Touch Glam 810D!

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH introduces the ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D, the new mobile phone created with the women in mind. It is the perfect tech accessory that adds glamour to today’s feminine mobile lifestyle. This unique phone brings variety and choice to the mobile technology landscape. The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D is the perfect combination of fun, easy-to-use technology and stylish design. 

It's a girl thing!

I got so excited when I saw the newest phone from Alcatel, the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D! Every thing about it screams my name. I love that it's pink and shiny and that it resembles a pocket mirror! I think I shall check out Alcatel's kiosk soon so to see the prettiness of this phone!

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