Review: FAB BB Cream

Sorry for the lack of posts for a couple of days. I am battling with severe muscle pains caused by heavy workouts! Too much workout and playing has taken its toll on me but as the cliche goes, "No pain, no gain", so I'll be back working out once this pain subsides. :)

I know you are with me when I say that I like it when a makeup does not feel heavy on my skin, especially foundations. I hate the heavy feeling that some foundations give so as much as I could, I look for something that gives coverage but is lightweight. One good alternative is a Blemish Balm Cream or simply, BB Cream. BB creams received a lot of raves from beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts (like me!) for it is multi-functional as a primer, a foundation, a sunscreen and a moisturizer.

We all know that Korean makeup brands are famous in the BB cream industry but other makeup brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon. The most recent BB cream I got to try was the FAB BB CREAM from Red Logo.

A makeup and skin care product in one! This revolutionary skin transformer evens tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers UV protection while nourishing skin with whitening and age defying benefits.  Experince the magic of this multi-functional BB Cream and use as:
    • a makeup base or primer
    • a one shade fits all light liquid foundation
    • sunscreen with SPF 27 against UVA and UVB rays
    • moisturizer for healthier and more radiant skin
    • whitening skin care products with powerful gigawhite
    • anti-aging skin care product with Coenzyme Q-10 
To Use: Dot a small amount on your finger, put on face evenly and blend well.

BB creams are no longer strangers to me because I have tried the ones from Maybelline and Laneige (sample) so I somehow know what to expect with the FAB BB Cream.

FAB BB Cream has only 1 shade, good thing, it suits me me pretty well. It gives light coverage that is perfect for everyday. If you have blemishes to cover, you might need to use a concealer on top of it. It is normal for BB creams to reflect on flash photography because of the SPF it contain so don't get shocked when you see your face with white cast on some pictures.

What I LIKE about it:

  • Affordable -- I got it on sale for Php299.00 (~$7) but I believe it is regularly sold for only Php395.00 (~$9).
  • It has 40ml of product -- It is a lot compared to other brands of BB creams.
  • Gives light coverage, perfect for everyday
  • Can be used as a makeup base or primer
  • Has SPF 27! -- Yehey to sun protection!
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Whitening
  • The shade suits me pretty good
  • Does not feel oily or greasy
  • Gives a nice glossy finish
  • Does not cause me breakouts or any skin-related problems
  • No pungent smell

WHAT I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Only available in 1 shade
  • Reflects on flash photography -- It's normal for BB creams!
  • Only available through Red Logo dealers

Will I repurchase?
YES! But I still want to try other BB creams available in the market.

For more information about the FAB BB Cream and other Red Logo products, go to

I am using the FAB BB Cream on days I need coverage without looking overdone. I still use a concealer on top of it to cover the darkness under my eyes and to conceal the redness around my nose and some blemishes. To avoid the white cast on flash photography, I won't use this on times I know there would be a lot of photos taken. :)

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