His and Hers Nivea Lotion

Thursday, February 02, 2012

When Edge was sent to Japan by his company for work, I remembered him asking me what to do with his dry skin. I told him to use a lotion after bath to keep his skin moisturized. He asked me to send him a lotion that works good. My boy does not have a single idea about lotions! I immediately sent him a big bottle of Nivea For Men Revitalizing Lotion.

All the while I thought he got rid of it. I was so ecstatic when I saw a bottle on his stash. "Is this the one I sent you?" "No, it's a new one. I use it once in a while." Haha! So he is now a lotion Nivea Lotion convert! 

Sorry, this is a totally random post! I just got excited when I saw how much we both love Nivea lotions!

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