Real Women For Dove Hair Care

Whenever I see shampoo commercials, I feel sorry for my hair and for myself. I don't have that perfect hair but still, I believe mine is somehow manageable. How I wish I can have the same as the people in those commercials. But let's admit it, we can't, despite how many times we use the products they are advertising. Come on, most hair commercials use celebrities and celebrities are entitled to always look good! If and only if we have all the time and budget to go to the salon often, we would definitely have that perfect-looking hair. But again, we don't. Good thing, DOVE introduced a hair care that focuses on the needs of real women without putting time and budget at stake.

Born from the same legacy of quality skincare, Dove Hair Care boasts a formulation that has been proven effective by more and more women convinced by the superior results that it delivers.
Since its launch early this year, Dove Hair proved why it is loved and respected worldwide. A brand who keeps women's desires close to heart, Dove Hair Care focuses more on developing their products to give women from different walks of life what they need to feel beautiful.
To continue its mission of providing superior care to women's locks, Dove Hair got real ladies who excel in different fields as they bear witness to the brand's latest breakthrough.

Last May 23, 2012, Dove introduced some of the women who attest to the brand's promise in an intimate event held in Forbes Park. These are the real women from different their own fields and the words they say about Dove Hair Care!

They are not celebrities, they are REAL women who used and fell in love with Dove Hair Care. I don't know about you, but I believed in every word they said. Maybe because the things they said didn't came from a script and the hair they now have were not manipulated by any sort of technology. As Carlo Isla, brand manager for Dove Hair, says, "Dove believes that every woman deserves beautiful hair, that's why we are more interested in what real women have to say about it."

Adding to the list of real women who have experienced Dove Hair are:

Linda Fey,

YouTube sensation Ashley Rivera advocate Isabel Roces, image enhancement speaker Patty Betita, editor-at-large of Philippine Tatler Mia Borromeo, accessories designer Nicole Whisenhunt, tri-athlete Ani de Leon, stylist Bea Constantino, and Radio DJ Delamar Arias.

I am set to try this Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Line with the hopes that it'll indeed repair the problems of my locks. I can't wait to be part of these women and let you hear my own words about Dove Hair Care!

Dove Hair Care aims to give every girl a perfect hair moment which is why they proudly feature #Flickability -- an online application that lets women see for themselves that they too can have lust worthy hair usually reserved for only celebrities on TV. With the help of Dove Hair, ladies get the chance to feel beautiful and even share their flick-worthy locks to their family and friends.

Get to experience Dove Hair Care's #Flickability by logging on to

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