Artdeco Eyeshadow Base

If you're someone who likes piling a lot color on your lids, you know that an eyeshadow primer/base is a must have item! Eyeshadow primers/bases intensify the colors of the eyeshadows and prevent it from creasing. The Urban Decay Primer Potion and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance top the list of primers but they cost more than Php1,000 when bought locally through online shops. I totally love my UDPP but I don't know if I will buy again once it runs out. I was looking for a cheaper alternative when I was introduced to ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base.

Makeup artist Carmen Reyes, who lead the workshop during the ArtDeco event (read about the event HERE), raved about this eyeshadow base so much that she even told us that this was one of the products that made her fall in love with ArtDeco. I wondered why so I set aside my UDPP and gave this a try.

ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base:
Eyeshadow base considerably improves the durability, colour intensity and luminescence of powder eyeshadow, and makes it waterproof. With Vitamin E and bisabolol.

Looking at the swatch, it appears to be just like the UDPP. Does it work as good? Well, I used this at around 3:00PM with my eye makeup looking like this:

When I arrived home at around 12:00 AM, my eye makeup stayed in place as if nothing happened. Amazing? YES!

What I LIKE about it:
  • Affordably priced at Php450.00! -- Cheaper compared to UDPP and Too Faced shadow Insurance!
  • Makes the colors look vibrant
  • Prevents eyeshadow from creasing for more than 7 hours!
  • Easy to spread
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Eyeshadows are easier to blend on top of this -- In comparison with UDPP.
  • Kit-friendly packaging
  • Locally available in all Beauty Bar stores

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • It comes in a pot. -- I don't like to dip my finger into the product. I use a synthetic eyeshadow brush to pick up product and spread it with my fingers.
  • It has a strong scent. 

Will I repurchase?
YES! I love it!

I am so in love with the ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base and I don't think I'll purchase a UDPP again. It works as awesome but not as pricey! :)

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  1. Nice..thanks for sharing! I've never tried artdeco before,this will go to my must have makeup! Btw your skin looks great .. :)


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