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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How's your weekend, everyone? My weekend has just started because we had a makeup class in school yesterday. I am planning to have a whole day of ME time, which is already long overdue, by the way. Since I'll be out to get a mani and pedi session, I'll share to you one product that my hands really need --  a hand cream!

It is no longer a secret that my skin is extremely dry and my hands are not exempted with this. They are so dry that the skin around my fingernails peel whenever subjected to drying products like soap and alcohol. With this in mind, I have to apply a hand cream once in a while. I have tried the ones from a drugstore but  sadly, they didn't do the trick. I still find my hands dry minutes after application. I was willing to endure the tedious reapplication until I was introduced to the Human Nature 100% Natural Hand & Foot Salve.

The Hand & Foot Salve was part of the package sent to my by my loves from Human Nature which I shared here. I am using it for weeks now and so far, I am loving it!

Human Nature Hand & Foot Salve:
Desperately dehydrated hands and heels in need of some hydrating relief? Fret not! Our 100% natural salve has oregano, spearmint, and lemon balm extracts, to soothe dry, cracked skin. Let this salve be your skin-salvation!

What I LIKE:

  • It comes in a squeeze-type tube packaging

  • Has a cooling sensation
  • A little goes a very long way -- A pea-sized amount is enough for my huge hands!
  • The scent lasts for about 2 hours -- or until I wash my hands or use another product
  • Moisturizes my hands for longer hours than the ones I have tried so far
  • Has no harmful chemicals
  • The expiry date is printed on its lid
  • The lid locks securely -- No accidental spilling when placed inside the bag.
  • Priced at only Php129.75 for 50g of product
  • Available in 2 scents -- Eucalyptus and Strawberry
  • Can be bought in Human Nature stores, some department stores and online

  • None as of the moment!

Will I repurchase?
Yes! Unless I find something better. :)

And just like their promise, Human Nature has delivered ONLY THE GOOD!

Bye for now, I should start getting ready for my much-awaited ME time! :)

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