FOTD: Fresh

Despite me all drawn into colors, there are times that I want to sport that fresh and no makeup look.

I am not sure if I was able to achieve it, but this is the simplest look I can do given that I cannot live without my defined eyebrows. Haha!

The white liner on the waterline made my eyes look bigger and brighter. I stayed away from too much blush so I just use a light pink one with shimmers.

On normal days, I would pair up this simple look with bold lips but since I was keeping up the freshness of the look, I just lightly dabbed a barbie pink lipstick on my puckers.

Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink

ArtDeco All In One Mascara (review soon)
Fashion 21 white eyeliner

Sophie Paris lipstick in Ice Pink

Most of the people who saw me that day said that I look better with minimal makeup on. Should I really let go of my colors and stick with this simple look? What do you think?

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