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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

When I saw the final cut of the shoot I did some weeks back, the lyrics of Beautiful Monster by Neyo entered my system. Aside from these pics were taken by MON MARQUEZ of MONster Studio (get it? Haha!), I can't believe how the monster in me was beautified by makeup, lenses, and the awesome talent of Mon.

She's a monster, beautiful monsterBeautiful monster but I don't mind

I never thought I would be working in front of the camera until Mon showed his interest in working with me. Honestly, I was quite hesitant in agreeing with the collaboration just because I don't think I look like a model. Come on, models have these beautiful features that I don't think I have. I only have the fierce jaws that I don't know how to work with!

Anyways, putting conceit aside, I think I did a great job with a huge help from Mon. He knows his craft so well that he makes sure the subject won't have a hard time dealing with the camera. Do I look nervous? No, simply because Mon adjusts for the subject not the other way around.

What I love with Mon's style is the way he captures the beauty in his subject. He was talking to me the entire shoot and when there was a good image worth capturing, he just pressed the shutter without giving signals. That is how he does his art. He brings out the greatness in his subject without being stiff. He just captures the real beauty without the subject even noticing it.

I know my hair looks blah but are you with me when I say that I look different in these photos? Do I have a future in this field? Kidding aside, I LOVE the outcome of the shoot. The different side of Jes was captured by the amazing talent of Mon. I should go for a hair extension, right? So next time, my hair will look thick and with volume!

Want these kind of photos? Contact Mon Marquez of MONster Studio, he can sure put into photos the beauty you have!

MON MARQUEZ of MONster Studio
Facebook: MONster Studio

Check out his website to see more of his work!

Thank you so much, Mon! I have learned so much from you! Until our next project together! :)

I still have to work with my lips and my angles. Also, I need to have a sponsor for my hair extensions. Haha! :)

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